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How do you use the engine block heater on a Jeep?


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2015-07-16 18:22:40
2015-07-16 18:22:40

look for a male plug end under the hood on the drivers side. on a cold nite, plug your jeep in... dont forget to unplug before you drive away... it happens alot,,, people forget and they're dragging an extension cord down the street.


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A block heater is a device one would use to heat the engine of a car in extremely cold weather. The block heater can be mains generated or will run on the fuel source of your vehicle.

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If it has a 3 prong AC (120 volt) plug on the end of the cord, simply plug it in to a good AC source. Since the block heater is a heating element that is located in the coolant in the engine block it draws some current; the amount depends on the size of the heater element. You should only need it in very cold weather ie. below 20deg.F .

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IF there is a block heater (Only some models had block heaters) you will see the electrical plug wound up somewhere under the hood. Follow that wire back to where the block heater goes into the block. If your Saturn doesn't have a block heater, and you want one, there are several options. You can purchase a block heater that replaces the engine freeze plug. That requires installation by a qualified mechanic since the old freeze plug must be removed to use that style block heater. You can purchase an engine heater that fits inline with the coolant system. That just requires cutting a hose and splicing in the engine heater. You can purchase an engine heater that sticks magnetically to the engine while in use. Be careful with that model since you should remove it if it's hanging down from the bottom; it could become a hazard when you're driving.

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I ASSUME the block heater in a 2006 Ford Freestar would use ( 600 watts ) like my Ford Explorer 4.0 liter V6 engine does

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