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You don't! The gag bit is a training aid to improve flexion and collection, that should only be used by an experienced trainer, or under the supervision of a trainer. A gag bit in the wrong hands can be severely painful for the horse, and amounts to torture. IF you have to use torture to get your horse to submit, you need to back up and take stock of your situation. A more severe bit is no substitute for a well trained horse. If you have a horse that bolts, I recommend the use of an experienced trainer. If you can't afford a trainer, replace the horse. There are far too many nice, well trained horses out there for you to justify the risk of riding a dangerous horse. I don't care how much you love it, this horse is not worth your life. I hope you wear a helmet and know how to jump off safely.

2006-12-21 02:27:44
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Q: How do you use the gag bit dutch type for bolting horses?
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What kind of bit for bolting horse?

A harsh bit is not the solution for a horse that bolts. Proper training is.

How so you say a little bit better in dutch?

beetje beter is the translation in Dutch. It means little bit better.

How do you attach a bit guard to horses bit?

Stretch them over the rings of the bit.

Does Arabian horses wear bits in Arabia?

Yes, Arabian horses that live in Arabia wear bits, the type of bit will vary though, depending on the rider and what is available locally.

What is a horses bit?

A bit is metal bar that is on the bottom of the bridle. This fits inside the horses mouth, behind the teeth, where there is a gap.

How long a go where shire horse discover?

Shire horses were not 'discovered', they were created by humans who wanted a bit sturdy draft type horse. The Shire truly began to become a breed in the 16th century when people crossed the Old English Black horse with Dutch horses. The term 'Shire' was used in the mid 17th century to describe the draft horses from the 'Shires' region in England. The breed registry/association opened in 1884 in England.

What kind of horse should have a full cheek snaffle bit?

Its is not the "kind" of horse that determines the type of bit you should use it is the discipline and training level of the horse that determines it. A full cheek snaffle should be used on a horse being ridden english. It is a fairly mild bit that can be used on horses of all training levels. The cheeks pieces are there mainly to prevent the bit from slipping from side to side in the horses mouth but it does provide a bit more action in the horses mouth than a loose ring snaffle.

Which way does the bit go in a horses halter?

The bit goes on the bridle, not the halter.

Does the bit go under the horses tongue?

No, the bit goes over the tongue.

What is a horses bars?

A horses bars are the toothless spaces in it's mouth, where the bit is placed.

What is the horses bit place called?

The mouth.

What is the front bit of a horses hoof?

The toe

What type of horses suits a snaffle bit?

A snaffle bit is most commonly a jointed bit that works with direct pressure from the reins. There are many different types of snaffle bit, but they are all less severe than a curb bit. A curb bit works in several places on the horse's head, including the poll and roof of the mouth, and is mostly used on strong horses and while driving horses. If a horse has a "soft mouth" (listens to the bit well and does not like pulling on its mouth) and it is not strong or disobedient, then it should have a snaffle. If a horse has a "hard mouth" and is strong or hard to control, it should be ridden in a curb bit, but it is mostly the owner's choice. Some horses go better in snaffles, and some go better in curbs.

What is pelham 123?

a pelham is a bit used on horses its a very harsh bit though

What is a cheek strap on a horses bridle?

They are called check pieces. They are there to hold the bit in your horses mouth.

Is the horse bit on it's bridle is placed on the toungue or under the toungue?

The bit is on the bottom of the bridle. The bit goes over the tongue and should fit snuggly against the side of the horses mouth. The bit is on the bottom of the bridle. The bit goes over the tongue and should fit snuggly against the side of the horses mouth. The bit is on the bottom of the bridle. The bit goes over the tongue and should fit snuggly against the side of the horses mouth.

What do race horses vs regular horses eat?

* race horses eat horse food with a little bit of drugs in it *regular horses eat horse food

What do you part of the bridel that goes on the horses mouth?

The bit

What is the thing in a horses mouth called?

it is called a bit

What bit should you use for your bolting horse?

You shouldn't rely on a bit to control your horse. Training is what you need, not some bit. I would use a bitless actually, because on a bolting horse, you will be tempted to pull back roughly on the reins. If your horse has a bit, no matter how gentle the bit is, you will hurt him, and hurting him will only freak him out more. With a bitless, you have to try pretty hard to hurt him. He feels the slightest touch, he just hasn't been trained properly to obey the slightest touch.Roller Mouth Snaffle, only use this if you are an extremely experienced riding this bit can cause serious damage to your horse if you do not know how to use it.

What is a horse bit?

A bit is the metal part of the bridle that goes into the horses' mouth and is attached to the reins.

What does it mean for a horse to get free from the bit?

The bit is something that goes in the horses mouth so the rider can steer the horse. So free from the bit probably means that the bit fell out of the horses mouth.Wikipedia can tell you more:

What is a bit used for on a horse?

A bit is used for control while riding. A bit should never be left in the horses mouth while unattended. To go along with that when removing your horses head stall and bit Let the horse push the bit out by his or her self pulling a bit out can do more harm than its worth to you and the horse. A bit can be a good thing but at the same time a bad thing. When choosing a bit make sure it fits the horses mouth right. A bit that does not fit right may cause your horse to act out with no warning and cause the horse not to respond when you are asking.

How are horse bits used?

A bit is used for control while riding it is attached to a head stall which goes around the horses head. The reins get attached to the bit. When choosing a bit make sure it fits the horses mouth right.

What part of tack is the bit on?

The bit is on the bridle, that goes on their head. Its the metal thing that goes in the horses mouth. (: