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How do you use the gag bit dutch type for bolting horses?

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2006-12-21 02:27:44

You don't! The gag bit is a training aid to improve flexion and

collection, that should only be used by an experienced trainer, or

under the supervision of a trainer. A gag bit in the wrong hands

can be severely painful for the horse, and amounts to torture. IF

you have to use torture to get your horse to submit, you need to

back up and take stock of your situation. A more severe bit is no

substitute for a well trained horse. If you have a horse that

bolts, I recommend the use of an experienced trainer. If you can't

afford a trainer, replace the horse. There are far too many nice,

well trained horses out there for you to justify the risk of riding

a dangerous horse. I don't care how much you love it, this horse is

not worth your life. I hope you wear a helmet and know how to jump

off safely.

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