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How do you use the mystery gift in Pokemon leaf green and fire red?

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Answer:(From Bulbapedia)

In Generation III, Mystery Gift's primary use is to receive special items at Nintendo events. It is language dependent, so players will not be able to receive items with a foreign copy of the game. A link cable or wireless adapter must be used.

To activate the Mystery Gift feature in the Generation III games, players need only to walk up to the clipboard found at any Poké Mart and enter the phrase ともだち いっぱい ふしぎ つうしん / LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL / CONNEXION AVEC LES DRESSEUR / LINK MIT ALLE ZUSAMMEN / CONEXIÓN CON TODOS (leave blank) / INSIEME IN LINK !, based on the language of the game. The clerk behind the counter will then inform them that the Mystery Gift feature has been activated, and it will be available on the main menu from that point on. However, this feature only exists in Pokémon FireRed, LeafGreen and non-Japanese versions of Emerald.

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How do you get the green postman in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you have to get a mystery gift to get a green postman on soul silver

Pokemon fire red can you get the mystery gift another way?

No you can't!

How do you use the mystery gift for the game Pokemon Fire-Red when you?

You what?

How do you get to islands 8 9 on Pokemon leaf green version?

use the mystery gift option use the mystery gift option

In Pokemon pearl where do you use the mystery gift?

at the pokemart with the man dressed in green

How do you get the man dressed in green on Pokemon platinum?

get the mystery gift or get a action replay

What Pokemon do you get mystery gift in Pokemon X and y?

Unfortunately, there are no available pokemon for XY Mystery Gift.

How do you get the little green person in Pokemon pearl?

you have to get mystery gift and go to a Nintendo event

Were do you find the man in the green suit in Pokemon pearl?

in the pokemart after you use mystery gift.

What do you get from the mystery gift?

You get special Pokemon. For right now, for Pokemon Black and White, you could receive an Darkrai by using Mystery Gift. These special Pokemon are known as Mystery Gift Event Pokemon.

Where do you pick up mystery gift Pokemon?

in the pokemart a gut in a green shirt will say he received a gift and then he gives it to u

What is the password for the mystery gift in Pokemon ruby?

mystery gift is exciting

How do you activate your mystery gift on Pokemon Diamond?

Go to a Poke' Mart and there should be a man wearing green next to the counter. Talk to him and he'll give you the mystery gift.

Which Pokemon center do you go to find the green gay in diamond?

in any Pokemon center you will find the green guy. only after you have recived a mystery gift

How do you get a Mystic Ticket and a Aurora Ticket in Pokemon Fire Red?

you must have the mystery gift avalible

How do you get to islands 8 and 9 in Pokemon fire red without using cheats a gameshark or a Pokemon event or a mystery gift?

you do not..

How do you find a man in green in the pokemart?

when you receive a gift through mystery gift. most likely for event Pokemon like darkrai

Were can you get the mystic ticket in Pokemon LeafGreen?

To get the mystic ticket in fire red/leaf green you must go to a nitendo event and trade it with mystery gift. This is the only way i know.

How do you get a wonder card for the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?

It comes with the Mystery gift...

How you get the mystery gift in Pokemon?

you have to have a friend with mystery gift with an also have to have wifi

Where is the aurora pass in leaf green and fire red version?

you cant get it,you need to get the mystery gift event

How do you get a Pokemon from the mystery gift on soul silver?

you get mystery gift it automatically after you get the pokedex in the game. try going to to find out what pokemon event is going on through mystery gift.

How do you use the Mystery gift in Pokemon Fire Red?

How to use the mystery giftTo enable the mystery gift optionin Pokemon fire red/ leaf green you must go to a Pokemon mart and look about the counter , there should be a little clip board on the desk....tap a in front of it and a screen will come up asking you if you want to fill out the questionaire ' click yes. Then find the words ''link together with all'' (press select for easy word search)after you have done this save the game. When you next turn on your game at the bottom of the geme menu (where you choose to start a new game) there will be an option saying mystery gift , yo must have your wireless adapter attached to receive an item from mystery gift. mystery gift items can only be optained at a Nintendo event!

How do you get the winner's path route in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you have to get the mystery gift on wifi and then talk to the green guy in the pokemart

Can you send a friend on Pokemon pearl a Pokemon through mystery gift?

Nope, the only thing the Mystery Gift does is allow you to get event Pokemon