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How do you use the sony psp with a usb cable?

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on the very top there is a port for the cable but you must have a 5 pin usb you can buy these in psp packs that include covers cables stands and heaps more for around $30 its worth the $30

ok then you have to plug it into the psp and computer then go to my computer click "removable Disk" then if you dont have a folder named MUSIC then make one but remember to rename it MUSIC in CAPITALS ok

for photos u put a folder named PHOTOS in CAPITALS for movies you put a folder called MP_ROOT then inside that folder make a folder called 100MNV01

hope this helped

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Is there a universal USB cable that I can use with my PSP or do I have to buy one from Sony?

The Psp consoles support any standard Usb 2.0 cable it does not need to be manufactured by Sony.

Do you need a wireless router to connect A PSP TO a sony VAIO?

No, you'd use a USB cable.

Can you use any usb cable on psp?


Can you use a normal USB cable for your psp slim?

You need a 'normal' USB A to USB Mini-B cable.

What cable can you use to connect your psp to a PC?

You will need a mini usb cable

How do you get your psp to connect to the computer without using a usb cable?

There is no way to get your PSP to connect to the computer without using a USB cable. You must use a USB to get one to port to the other.

How do you hook your PSP up to the computer?

Use a USB cable.

How do you put music on psp without usb cable?

use bluetooth

How do you connect a PSP to your PS3?

You use a USB cable and plug them into each other.

Your PSP is not noticed by your windows computer it says it is connecting on PSP what should you do?

You can probably try connecting again.Select usb connection on your psp after you've connected the usb cable from your psp to computer.If your computer still don't detect your psp, you should probably try to use another usb cable and see if it works or not.

How do you play the PSP on the PS3?

You plug in a USB cable to PSP and plug in the other side to PS3, then you can use the PSP as a controller AND play PSP games on the PS3, but you have to use the PSP as the controller.

Can you use a USB cable to connect your psp to the PC to get wallpapers?

Yep I belive so

Where do you put a PSP memory stick in a PC?

most computers dont have the slot on the computer most sony computers do though but if you wanna transfer files you can use the usb cable port

How do you use PSP cabel?

Put usb cable into the top of your psp, and connect the other end to a usb slot on your PC. Then go into settings on your psp and click on usb mode. A window will appear on your PC giving you the option to view the files on your psp. If not go into my computer and find it there.

How do you download psp games from the internet through a usb cable to your psp?

You need Sony's Media Go program, you use that to download your games from PSN and transfer it to PSP via USB, in case you haven't got wireless.

What can you use as a substitute charger for the PSP?

Depending on the make of your psp,the psp 2000,3000, and the psp go can be charged via a usb charging cable. I think the psp phat can be charged with a different usb psp cable that plugs into the AC socket But you have to remember your psp must have some battery power remaining to choose this usb charging option. There are car chargers for psp,which you plug into a cars cigarette lighter socket. External battery chargers and psp charging docks.

Will a usb cable for a camera work on a psp if you want to download music?

Cameras can use different USB cables. If you want one that works with a PSP, you need to find a 'Mini-B' type connector.

How do you games on the PSP full games?

You go to Sony or any store and buy the disk. Or you can use the PS3(if you have one) and buy it there and get it to your PSP by USB drive. Or you can directly buy it off the PlayStation Store in your PSP.

Will a Sony Walkman charge with a iPod wall charger?

Yes - the Ipod charger is 5.1v, and the Walkman is 5v. Use the Sony USB cable & it will charger just fine (Sony NWZ-Z1040 charged with Ipod/Ipad/Iphone USB charger confirmed).

How do you dowwnload music to PSP?

use a usb cable.. connect it to your psp and your can copy and paste the songs you have on computer or u can just drag them and drop them on the "music" folder

My psp is bricked but i can still use usb cable to connect to my PC How do i unbrick my psp using my PC?

You can still use your cable, but to unbrick your PSP you need the Pandora Battery and Magic memory stick. The cheapest price is through They also offer free postage worldwide

Can you download games on psp e1000?

Not exactly. With an E1000, you have to use the PC to go on the PSN, buy and download the game, then use the Media GO tool to transfer it to the PSP using a USB cable.

How do you put juiced 2 cheats on PSP?

The same as any other cheat/hack on any console, you first download it from a site and usb cable rafer or CD transfer, you would obviously use a USB cable.

How do you display your iPad screen on a Sony Bravia tv with the apple usb cable?

You don't use the Apple USB cable. This is for syncing with a computer. You need to purchase an iPad HDMI or VGA adapter, and connect it with those cables.

Where you will put the memory stick on your computer?

You don't put in in the computer, you use the PSP's USB cable to connect PC and PSP together