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Before performing sexual intercourse, put the gel around your penis for prolong erection. Some ointment or gel descibe to the label for how many minutes to start the full penis erection. Hard and full erection can give sex satisfaction to a woman.

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Q: How do you use this gel on penis?
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Is shower gel ok to wash penis?

You're better not to use any kind of gel or soap as it can irritate the glans of the penis (which is very sensitive). Best just to use warm, clean water

How do you use manforce stay long gel?

apply little in penis

How do you use manforce staylong gel?

This gel acts as a desensitize for the penis and is similar to the chemical used with the long last condoms. Apply a small quantity (approximately 1 gram) on the tip (glan) of penis before around 10 minutes of penetration. This gel can be used with condom as well.

How do you clean penis and keep it healthy?

How do you clean penis and keep it healthy?. shower it daily use LUX Shimmering gel to keep it CLEAN.. and do sex daily to keep it HEALTHY =)

How do you apply metro hex gel on gums?

You must first find a man. Apply the Metro Hex gel to his penis and slowly rub. He must then run his penis on your gums and BOOM!

1 How can you stop sensitive penis head?

Numbing gel.

What is enjoy mint gel for?

Enjoyment Desensitizing Gel is a numbing gel that is used to desensitize the penis for sexual activity. It comes in a mint flavor for the purpose of oral sex as well.

What is the name of that gel which helps to insert penis into the?

the name of thegel is lubericant

What happens if a gel like substance erects out of your penis?

Simple, you are becoming a man !

Why is water nutritious?

when i m sex sum one what is it white gel come from penis

Does andro gel adult penis growth?

Andro-gel does not aid in adult penis growth, it is prescribed to address low-levels of testosterone. Hormone therapy can carry significant risks to the patient and should only be done under the direct supervision of a medical doctor.

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a gel-like thing that we is like hair gel.

Where man force stay long gel is applied on penis?

It's possible that it could help.

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NImesulide gel is prescribed for injuries, or arthritis pain. You can use Nimesuklide gel 3 to 4 times a day and it is available in otc

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How do you shave my penis please send me a video or something like that cause written its difficult?

We do not have videos of this nature. Just use plenty of foam or gel on it and be careful how you stroke the razor along the penis. Rinse after each couple of strokes. Don't use any old razor in the bathroom but have one that you can change the blade easily or use a disposable type. Hygiene is very important and germs can be spread between users of a razor.