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How do you use visa in a sentence?


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VISA is a great Credit and Debit Card Company. That is a way to use VISA in a sentence.


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visa beaus solution more unsteadily

The migration of European storks spending the winter in Africa require no visa.

They submitted the correct documents pursuant to the law applying for a visa.

Many more refugees have been refused visas to travel to Japan.

If it has the Visa logo you can use it any place Visa is accepted.

yes if you are talking about the company name/ the Visa card.

It is capitalized at the beginning of the sentence or when it forms part of the proper noun Examples: Visa Inc. Shell Citi Visa

if i have a vehicle,can i use its papers to get my visa?

Mexicans wishing to vacation in the United States must obtain a tourist visa prior to entering the country.

yes you can use any visa to enter any are used for visisting countries.

If there is no Visa Delta or Visa Electron option then just use Visa (as in Visa Credit Card) this will allow your payment to be accepted. 828

Anywhere that accepts visa cards.

Anywhere that accepts Visa cards !

A business Visa is a credit card. A business Visa is similar to a personal Visa. The card works the same way but it is only available for business use.

Most places that accept VISA credit cards will also accept VISA debit cards.

Yes you can. Visa gift cards can be used at a authorized place that takes visa.

An example in a sentence might look like this. "A good example of a credit card would be a Visa or Mastercard".

There are many retailers that will accept prepaid Visa credit cards online. If one chooses to use a prepaid Visa credit card online, the process is the same as when using a regular Visa credit card.

Yes, you can use a Visa credit card at McDonalds cafes in Australia.

Use the VISA to sign up for paypal, then buy minecraft with that.

Use the Visa on arrival facility available at the airport.

Yes, USAA accepts all Visa credit cards .

I visited the consulate in Montpellier because I had a problem with my visa.

Sorry, you can't use an Visa gift card on iTunes. However, you can use your Visa gift card to buy an iTunes gift card Source:

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