How do you use zoological in a sentence?

Updated: 10/24/2023
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I visited the zoological park and was amazed by the diverse range of animals I saw.

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We went to the zoological park with 158 species of animals

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Q: How do you use zoological in a sentence?
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What are use zoological mammals that you obtained meat?


What does zoological mean?

Zoological means "pertaining to the study of animals".Zoological means "pertaining to the study of animals".

What is zoological name of a goat?

zoological name of goat

What is the full word for zoo?

Zoological Gardens or Zoological Park.

What is the zoological word for feather?

The zoological word for feather is pinna.

When did The Zoological Journal end?

The Zoological Journal ended in 1834.

When was The Zoological Journal created?

The Zoological Journal was created in 1824.

When was The Zoological Record created?

The Zoological Record was created in 1865.

What is the Zoological Name of Kangaroo?

Macropus is the zoological name for the kangaroo.

What is a zoological name?

A zoological name is a formal scientific name for an animal, as assigned by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN).

Which is the biggest zoological park in India?

arizhnar Anna zoological park,vandalur

When was Zoological Society of London created?

Zoological Society of London was created in 1826.