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Your question seems too easy as it is a basic requirement of pool cleaning. However: Attach your vacuum head to your side outlet (unscrew the cover in the side of the pool) using a floating hose. turn off the valves to the bottom drain and the skimmers, leave the pump setting on filtration, fill the hose with water and turn on the pump. After vacuuming the bottom of the pool, switch off pump and return valves to previous setting. be sure to backwash the filter after cleaning if required.

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Q: How do you vacuum the waste in your below ground swimming pool?
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Why does swimming pool pump out vacuumed water?

Because the pump is set to "vacuum to waste".

What is the easiest way to get leaves off the bottom of your above ground swimming pool?

Prepare to vacuum your pool and turn valve to waste. You will have alot more suction power and you won't plug up your filter basket. Con - you will be sucking the water and leaves out of pool so don't waste anytime. Hope this helps.

How do you remove dirt from bottom of above ground pool?

Use a hand pool vacuum on it If you find that it is blocking the filter too quickly as you are doing this vacuum to waste rather then taking it through the filter. If you don't have a vacc to waste facility just let the vacc hose hang outside the pool and siphon onto the ground.

With above ground sand pool filters when you need to vacuum should the pump be on filter position or vacuum to waste?

It should be on filter and don't forget to backwash at least once a week.

What is a gravel vacuum?

A gravel vacuum cleaner is a long rubber tube connected to a larger plastic cylinder that sucks out fish waste and food that are on or below the gravel in a fish tank.

How can you clean a swimming pool without the filter?

The closest you can come would be to use a floculent to settle the dirt to the bottom and then vacuum the bottom layer of water to waste.

What position do you set your valve on the sand filter on when you vacuum an above ground pool waste or just filter?

Just leave it on filter

How do you backwash the waste in your swimming pool?

You can back wash to waste only if you have that type of back wash valve that will do just that. If that is what you mean. If you mean, vacuuming the dust, sand, bugs, leaves and other small stuff, then you use a pool vacuum and vacuum hose either in the "filter" mode or the "vac to waste" mode. Please state just what you wish to do. K

How do you vacuum waste from pool?

You vacuum waste from a pool with a pool vacuum connected to a pole to push it around the vacuuming devise is plugged into the suction of the pump. If you wish to vacuum to waste on the other hand you will first have to turn of the pump then turn the lever on the top of the filter to waste. This will dump the water, so don't vac to waste any more then you have too.

How the human excreta is disposed off in flight?

Restrooms in airplanes use either a closed waste system or the vacuum waste system. Both methods bring the waste into a storage tank on board the plane which is then emptied into a tanker truck while on the ground.

When was Below the Waste created?

Below the Waste was created in 1989.

How do you clean pool after sandstorm?

Vacuum to waste.

How do you remove the flock without stirring it up to the point it becomes to cloudy to vacuum effectively?

With a hand vacuum very slowly vacuum to waste.

How do you get rid of the brown stuff at the bottom of the pool that goes right though the vacuum?

Use a suction vacuum plugged into your skimmer to vacuum to waste.

Why does a deep well injection of toxic waste must extend below the water table?

Because if any of the toxic waste seeps through into the ground it can get into the water table which connects to our drinking water

How waste in landfills can affect groundwater?

when liquid waste are present in the landfill, then they will penetrate the ground of the landfill and will reach to the ground water. if they reached, then those liquid waste will contaminate the ground water, and it will not be drinkable water any more.

Where does the babys waste go while pregnant?

The baby's waste becomes part of the amniotic fluid that they are swallowing and swimming in!

How do you vacuum to waste?

When you vacuum you waste power,energy,electricity and that is all used when you vacuum or any other machines that are needed to be plug were the energy comes from swithes.Not all machines use electricity like a toy it needs batteries.Batteries have electricity in them already which are made for small machines.

I have an HRS2000 filter how do I vacuum to waste?

1 is waste 3 is backwash 4 is normal

When do you vacuum to waste a pool sand filter?

You vacuum to waste whenever you have alot of dead algae or debris and you don't want it to recirculate thru the filter back into pool. The sand filter will catch some of it but a portion will return thru inlets. So if you have alot of dead algae or debris then vacuum to waste. You will have to add water back and rebalance your pH and chlorine levels.

Do you vacuum on filter or backwash?

You normally vacuum on filter. There are some situations like when the pool has been treated with a floculent that the pool is vacuumed to waste.

How do you remove dirt from a pool?

With a pool vacuum if it is settled on the bottom. If it is suspended throughout the water treat it with a floculent to settle it to the bottom then vacuum it to waste

How do you get ball out of roof waste vent?

A vacuum will work if you have a hose long enough.

How do rhodospirillum rubrum move?

the rhodospirillum moves by swimming and using there waste to push them

What are the advantages and disadvantages of waste disposal?

There are many forms of waste disposal, but if you mean all waste disposal in general, the advantages are that we aren't swimming in our own garbage. The disadvantages are that we could one day be swimming in our own garbage. People generate much too much waste and if our processes to handle it don't change or our habits that create it don't improve, we won't be able to keep our waste removed from our lives.