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The only way I was able to vacuum with a cartridge filter was to cut the PVC piping between the filter and the pump and install a tee that would accomodate a backwash hose. On the return line I installed a ball valve to divert the water without going back into the pool.

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If you have a pool pump and a swimming pool cartridge filter and possibly a heater the Plumbing to and from the equipment pad should be connected on the suction side of the pump to the skimmer. On the discharge side of the filter or heater that pipe goes back to the pool. Your pool vac head and hose should connect into the skimmer at some point inside the skimmer to be able to vac the pool. You have to attach the vac head to a telepole, connect your vac hose to the vac head, feed the hose into the water thus filling the hose - until you reach the loose end of the hose. Place the palm of your hand over the loose hose end while it is still under water - trapping the water in the hose- then while hand still on hose end place that end into the skimmer pulling your hand away just before you plug it into the skimmer hole. At this point your should have some sort of suction at the vac head. It may or may not have much suction depending on how the system is plumbed and at what hp the pump is rated. In other words a 1/8th hp will not produce the suction that a 1/2 hp or 3/4 hp will. If this does not work for you and you don't have those tools as described above you then may resort to a vac that will work off your garden hose -- if you have enough water pressure. The more water pressure the better.


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Q: How do you vacuum with a Clear Water Cartridge Filter?
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the water filter cartridge is broke off in the water filter housing. how can I get the broken part o?

the water filter cartridge is broke off in the water filter housing. how can I get the broken part out. Kenmore 106.52582202 sise by side.

How do you vacuum your pool and what setting do I put my pump on?

You leave your pool filter set to filter hook up hose with a vacume attachment vacume with filter set to filter or to and then backwash you filter if you have a sand type filter you can also vacume while filter is set to waste but you will need to add water when done. If you have a cartridge type vacume set at filter then remove filter cartridge and clean or replace.

When you vacuum-backwash-rinse why do dirt particles come out of the water returns?

If dirt returns to the pool while you are vacuuming, it means there is a hole or broken item in the filter. If filter is a cartridge filter the could be a hole in the cartridge. DE filter, hole in filter fabric or broken plastic manifold. Sand filter - broken plastic fitting maybe.

Dirty water coming your of return when vacuuming with a cartridge filter?

Cartridge is not installed correctly or you have a crack in the manifold allowing dirty water to pass by the filter.

How do you vacuum to waste with a cartridge filter?

The answer is that, generally, you can't. At least not with the standard plumbing that is installed with a cartridge filter. Why? Nearly all SAND filters come with a valve that lets you direct the water as needed for regular filtering and backwashing, and they usually include a option for backwashing to waste. This type of valve is rarely installed as part of the plumbing in a cartridge fiter installation. What you might need to do is to add a separate valve AFTER THE PUMP BUT BEFORE THE FILTER. This will allow you to direct the water to waste prior to the filter. Hope this helps ...

Can you use flock with a cartridge filter?

When you use flock you should not put it through the filter.When vacuming flock out of a pool with a sand filter you vacuum to waste. However you don't have that luxury with a cartridge filter. The ideal solution would be to put a 3 way valve between the pump and the filter and set it up so that one of the ports can be run to waste while at the same time shutting of the water to the filter.

Can water filter remove lead from water?

Yes they can but only if you buy an iron removal filter cartridge then you should be fine.

Can aluminium sulphate added to a cartridge filter pool?

Alum is recommended for use in a sand filter but not a cartridge filter as it will gum it up. Because cartridges will only filter out about a 15 micron particle sometimes a pool will have a lot of particulates that pass through the cartridge. Especially if it is more than two years old. You can get some temporary help by adding a scoop (1lb.) of DE (diatomaceous earth) through the skimmer. This will drop your particle size down to about 3 microns. Clean the cartridge after the pool is clear. You may have to clean the cartridge a few times. Watch the pressure gauge on the filter and when you get about 8 lbs. higher than when you started, clean the cartridge and add another scoop of DE and keep doing this till the water is clear. If you need to superchlorinate to kill algae do that first.

How does a cartridge pool filter work?

A cartridge pool filter works by collecting the particles filtering through the pool. It allows water to pass through, but not solid objects.

Types of pool filters?

The sand filter This type of filter uses sand or other sand like media to run the water through. The cartridge filter This uses a fine membrane through which the water is run. The de filter this is a cartridge filter where the membrane is coated with dietamatious earth making it a very effective filter.

How do you bypass the cartridge filter when vacuuming the pool?

you can remove your filter take the inlet side loose make sure you plug the hole or if you have plunger valves shut off the inlet side remove hose then when you vacuum the dirty water runs out the inlet hose on the ground. or you can attach some backwash hose to the inlet hose you took off and have the water flow further away from the pool. when finished replace inlet hose to pool open valve remove vacuum plate from skimmer make sure you have water running in the pool while vacuuming.replace cartridge make sure water level is up turn on pump. I personally do-not use a vacuum plate i remove my skimmer hose from inside pool and attach vacuum hose and vacuum that way. because then i dont run out of water while vacuuming. i only do this when i am vacuuming out algae. do-not do this if you have large pieces of trash because it will clog up filter hose .

When is it time to replace your pool filter?

If you have a sand filter the sand needs replacing every 3 or four years. If you have a cartridge filter it wont need replacing until it breaks. Cartridge filters can become blocked over time causing the pressure to become to high as a result of the restricted flow of water, this can be fixed by getting an approved (for your filter) cleaner, this will clear the pores in the filter and keep it going so long as the membrane doesn't break.

How often replace GE smart water filter cartridge?

every 6 months

What is best pool filter for above ground pool?

The best filter for novice users is a cartridge filter. These are self explanatory. The pool water gets pumped though a removable filter cartridge. It can be removed and cleaned as often as you like. Soak it in some water and let the dirt disperse. If the filter gets too dirty, you can buy a new one.

What happens if you filter mechanical mixtures?

. When you filter the water you see dirt in the filter to clean the water, or you see nothing because the water looks clear, it can either be really tiny particles that are too small to be seen or it is actually clear water.

How do you get rid of the algae dust on the bottom of a pool?

Algae dust that comes from the algae fairy right? Anyway the best way to get rid of the algae skeletons (as one of my customers calls it) is to vacuum them directly out of the pool bypassing the filter. The problem is that these dead algae spores are too small for the filter to pick up so they end up going right through the filter. The best way to vacuum them out depends on what type of filter you have: SAND FILTER-Use the waste or drain position on the valve to vacuum your pool this will effectively remove the algae from the pool. You will have to refill the water you drain out of the pool when you are done. DO NOT COMPLETLEY DRAIN THE POOL. If the water gets to low stop and refill before you continue. D.E. FILTER-If you have a multiport (this valve will have at least 4 positions on it) valve on the filter put the valve in the waste position just like with the sand filter above. You will have to refill the water you drain out of the pool when you are done. DO NOT COMPLETLEY DRAIN THE POOL. If the water gets to low stop and refill before you continue. If you don't have a valve to backwash or you have a backwash valve that only allows you to filter or backwash then you have a difficult situation. The best thing to do is get an extra pump to use to vacuum the pool separate from the filter system. The other option is to plug all the return lines where the water comes back to the pool then remove the filter grids (if you have a grid filter) and open the drain valve on the filter and turn the pump on to vacuum the pool. Make sure that you have the water directed away from your filter system and your house. CARTRIDGE FILTER-Here you have a real problem if you have an in ground pool and about the only way you will get rid of the problem is to get a portable pump (or a separate pump) and vacuum the pool with this pump discharging the water out of the pool along with the algae dust. If you have an above ground pool you can plug the return and the skimmer. Then remove the filter cartridge from the filter. Reassemble the filter without the cartridge then where the water comes back into the pool take the hose connected to that fitting off the side of the wall of the pool and directed the hose away from the pool, filter system and your house. Then turn the pump on and vacuum the pool until the algae dust is gone. DO NOT COMPLETLEY DRAIN THE POOL. If the water gets to low stop and refill before you continue. FYI _ Cartridge filter they sell this bag that goes over your skimmer basket it cost like 8 dollars and it filters all of the algea into it so you dont have to drain the pool.

How do you filter water?

It is very easy to purify/filter your water. Just either buy a water filter jug and cartridge or water purifying tablets, or, if you want do it the old fashioned way, boil the water which gets rid of any harmful things.

How do you filter out magnesium from water?

You would need a water softener or if your using cartridges then you would use a DI or a water softening cartridge.

Can dirty water become clear?

If you filter it enough times, eventually it will turn clear, or clear-ish.

Do tropical fish live in cloudy or clear water?

clear, if your water is cloudy then you might want to check your filter

What is the best way to clean cartridge type filters?

You can by a "filter cleaning" chemical at your pool store. It usually requires you to soak the filter in part water and part chemical for 12 hrs or so and then spray with hose. It works great on our hayward cartridge filter.

What should pool pressure be?

It depends on the filter and the swimming pools system, but typically a cartridge filters pressure should be somewhere between 15 & 22 PSI. This can be drastically changed depending on the particular filter. Some filters allow more flow through the cartridge, for example a Starite PLM 150, this is a Mod Media style filter, It removes a smaller size micron out of the water than a Pentair Clean and Clear cartridge filter which allows more flow. Also if you have a spa or a feature that requires a higher amount of water and adversely a larger pump, the filters pressure will be higher because of the amount of water being forced through. It is always a good idea to read the owners manual that comes with the cartridge so you will know, not only the proper flow, but proper maintenance so your filter will last longer.

How do you vacuum the pool with a cartridge filter?

you can buy a cheap vac that attaches to your garden hose for about 20.00 and it will clean up the bigger debris but it will add water to the pool so you will have to drain some out eventually or use it alot and splash it out as you enjoy the pool. The same as you would with any other type filter.

How do water filters work?

There are many types, the simplest being the cartridge filter. In this we have a plastic canister about a foot long screwed to a plastic fitting that is threaded to accept common plumbing couplings. The incoming water pipe is fixed onto one side and water flows down the outside of the removable cartridge that fits into the canister. It must penetrate the filtering material of this cartridge to reach the centre and flow up to the outlet side where it goes to the faucet. - My favorite type has a clear plastic canister and a removable cartridge, 2" x 10" that comes in many filter types. The simplest and most used is a 20 micron 'sediment' cartridge. These are made of fibrous material that will catch tiny solids in the water. The filter density can be as small as 1 micron. These catch almost everything in water, but do impede flow. These cartridges usually cost about $2 - 4 and are thrown away when full of contaminants.They take about 5 minutes to change. This is very basic water filtering, and 'the tip of the iceberg' of filter technology.

Your water is clear but some kind of scum keeps settling to the bottom even after vacuuming?

This sounds like flocculate, or clarifier, The next time you vacuum the pool gently vacuum the scum at the bottom to waste, Do not put it through the filter. you will lose a bit of water but it should top the problem from recurring if I am right.