Fenway Park

How do you view batting practice at Fenway Park?

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May 09, 2009 12:33PM

Easy. Batting practice starts at Fenway around 3 hrs. before

game time. You don't need a special ticket, but you do need your

regular ticket. They will just let you in. In Major League Baseball

each team will have about one hour of batting practice. Gates at

Fenway Park open two hours before the first pitch. At that time the

Red Sox, (Home Team) will have already been on the field practicing

for about half an hour. After they finish then the visiting team

practices for an hour, followed by pre-game activities, followed by

the first pitch. The exact times may vary slightly and for some

games there may be no pre-game practice. However, to see the Red

Sox take batting practice you will need to be on line and enter the

park when the gates open.

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