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go onto j14.com and click on polls.

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What age group is J14 magazine aimed and published for?

My guess is J14 is mainly aimed for tweens (11-14?)

Does Debby Ryan like David Archuleta?

yes she told j14 magazine that she has huge crush on David

Did Kristen Stewart stop smoking?

Yes. in J14 magazine she said she started to quit smoking and is getting support from rob.

Does Kristen Stewart plan to quit smoking?

yes in J14 magazine she said she started to quit smoking and is getting support from rob

What is life story magazine's website?

it's http://www.bauerpublishing.com/ You can order LifeStory Magazine by going to J14.com, hit "fan shop".

Why did David Henry get arrested?

i heard in a j14 magazine that David Henry was arrested because his brother got hurt by the guards and he got in a fight with the police or"guards"

How many pets does Will Poulter have?

He said in a J14 interview that he has 6 pets.

Was the demi ovato and Joe Jonas kiss real?

No, Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas Have Never Kissed. They Are Better As Friends, & Demi Told J14 That, "She Doesn't Like Joe That Way." J14 (Registerd Trade Mark) 2008

What are some good Magazines?

Bop mag J14 Popstar Tigerbeat M Highlights Seventeen

How many types of magazines are there in the U.S.?

there are star, bop, tiger beat, people, & J14. There are more but i don't know them all.

Im a tween are there any good websites that are like newspapers?

you could try 4tnz.com ,its funny and sort of like J14 mag

How much does a Carolina skiff weigh?

my j14 (1999) weights a little less than 1000lbs empty. It is the heaviest of the skiff models.

Where can you get Taylor Swift posters besides Walmart or target?

In magazines like pop, j14, tigerbeat, etc. And maybe at FYE too.

How do you enter the contest to win the teddy bear signed by Justin Bieber?

I don't actually know how to win the signed AND kissed Justin Bieber teddy bear, but it has to do with the J14 magazine website. Go to WWW.J14.com and try to find it there. Sorry if you are unhappy with this answer because I didn't actually answer this EXTREMELY important question. Honestly I wish I knew the answer too.

Mazda 2 spare tire?

SPARE TYRE: J14 x 4 MAXXIS T115/70D1460 PSI / 80 km/h

How do you enter a J14 Win Its?

go to j-14.com and click on the tab "win it" . You should have what you are looking for, if not... The magazine says by WHICH DAY and WHICH TIME You should enter in. Just wait until that time, and when the drawing is in, you can can go on the site, and it should be in the wins it. By that time, you need to log in or create an account, so that you can click the enter button and type in any available information to get the prize.

Is j14 in Australia?

Sometimes the big main Nextras have American magazines like j-14,bop, twist and tiger beat. Hope I helped :) xx

When is Chris Brown coming back to Canada Toronto?

Well he might you will just have to look in these magizines M, Twist, Tiger Beat, and J14 March 32nd 2050!

If you entered a contest on j14.com will they email you if you won or lost?

They will most likely email u! Say thank u 2 me cuz im awesome

What is the distance from London to birminghamin km?

120 miles (193 kilometres) following M1 to The NORTH to M6 BIRMINGHAM (@ J14), and then M6 to BIRMINGHAM, or via M40 to M42, to BIRMINGHAM.

Where was Justin Bieber on the 21 of November?

Roosevelt field mall in long island new york ( remember how he almost got arrested and one of his crew members got arrested. it was on his twitter and on j14.com

How NC got its name?

North Carolina got it's name by a pioneer or settler in North Carolina who was named Carolina I think she might have been the first woman settler in North Carolina. But there are other rumors... J14

Who broke up with who between Nick and Miley?

Miley broke up with Nick she told him they needed time off after a Hannah Montanah/Jonas Brothers concert if you don't believe me look it up in J14 or Tiger Beat or something?

How many miles from york Yorkshire to newmarket suffolk?

167 miles taking this route:Take A64, from York, to A1(M) to The SOUTH.Take A1 to The SOUTH to A14 to CAMBRIDGE at J14.Take A14 CAMBRIDGE to Newmarket.

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