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How do you vote in Australia?

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Australia has a preferential voting system and a secret ballot. Secret ballot means that no one is allowed to know whom you vote for. The preferential vote means that when you vote you may if you want to put a number of preferences in a box wit the candidate's name. In effect what this means is that your vote is guaranteed to go somewhere. For example you would like Joe Blow to get the seat because you like his policy, however you Know he hasn't got a snowballs hope in hell, It doesn't matter because you can still vote for him without wasting your vote. And at the same time let the powers that be know that you approve of Joes policies. This is done by placing your preference with each candidate if your number one doesn't get in your vote will go to your number 2 or 3 or 4 if need be. It is the fairest voting system I can imagine. First past the post voting can see a party with 10% approval into government if there are enough parties.

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Can women vote in Australia?

yes they can vote in Australia.

It is what to enrol to vote in Australia?

It is compulsary to enrol to vote in Australia

What is the age to vote in Australia?

The age at which one has the right to vote in Australia is 18.

What happens if you don't vote in Australia?

By law, you have to vote in Australia, or at least you have to turn up and pretend to vote. You would be prosecuted if you did not turn up to vote.

Is it compulsory for a british citizen izen to vote in australia?

No it is compulsary for Australian citizens to vote in Australia.

Do you have to vote in Australia?

Yes, Voting in Australia is compulsary

What year were women allowed to vote in Australia?

Women in South Australia were the first in Australia to gain the right to vote, doing so in 1894.

Where do people go to vote in an election?

they go to vote in australia

Is it required to vote in Australia?

It is illegal not to vote in Australian elections.

Do you get fined if you haven't registered to vote in Australia?

No you get fined if you register to vote and then don't vote.

Do sheep get a vote in Australia?


Is it a crime not to vote in Australia?

No it is not a crime not to vote but is compulsory and can be met with a fine if you are registered and don't vote.

Is it compulsory to vote in Australia?

Yes. It is compulsory to vote in Australia for anyone who is over 18. Those who do not vote must either provide a reason for not voting, or pay a penalty.

How old do you have to be to vote in Australia?


Is it mandatory to vote in Australia?


Why do you have to vote in Australia?

Because you are an Australian.

When did men in Australia get to vote?


Is enrollment to vote compulsory in asutralia?

once you have enrolled to vote in australia, it then becomes compulsory to vote at elections.

Who is eligible to vote in federal elections in Australia?

All Australian citizens of sound mind are eligible to vote in federal elections in Australia.

What country makes you vote?

It is compulsory to vote in Australia, and maybe in other countries.

How did the woman's vote in Australia effect the whole world?

first to get the right to vote

When can you vote in Australia?

Australian citizens may enrol to vote at age 18.

What was it like before women could vote in Australia?

woman couldnt vote

Which country has the best weather?

Australia has a wide variety so i vote australia

Who was able to vote in 1840and 1850 in Australia?