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i was in the exact same position as you at one time. personally, i didnt wait. but if you want to wait that long you have to be upfront and disscuss the matter with your boyfriend. i know how hard it can be!! btw.. you mean losing your virginity to him right? well I already lost it to him.... No I meant that my parents caought us fooling around and they forced us to break up, and we are planning to get back together when I am 18...

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How do you get two cockatiels around two years old who are really afraid of humans to come and sit on youre hand?

put a cheezy on your hand and sit for hours......It worked 4 me, but u have to wait for hours and hours! 2 at the minimum

How many terms you serve when youre a governor?

Answer: For all states except New Hampshire and Vermont, a governor can serve up to eight years, or two consecutive terms. However, a two term governor can wait 8 years and run again. In New Hampshire and Vermont, the length of terms is 2 years.

What does your dream mean when your looking for your boyfriend that you've been with for two years?

It means you were looking for your boyfriend!

If your 14 and catch two buildings on fire how mayny years would you get?

not a Pokemon question. But if it was on purpose, probably 30 - life. If youre tried as a juvenile, only until youre 18 so 4 years

If your boyfriend cheated on you two years ago is he right 4 you?


Is it worth staying with a boyfriend that has been cheating on you for two years?


Who is Keri Hilson's boyfriend?

Her boyfriend is from The Bahamas. His name is Errol and they've been dating for two years.

How will you know that youre boyfriend is not two timer?

You need to have faith that you and you're boy toy are truly in love and neither of you would ever ruin that flame of desire between you two. <3

How long does Juliet's father want her to wait until she gets married?

He wants her to wait two years.

After a fight with a boyfriend of 18 months how long should you wait before you call him?

you should call him in two days

What do I do If I like a girl who has a boyfriend but the two of them constantly fight and I think she likes me?


What do you do if you want a baby with my boyfriend after two weeks?

WAIT. it has only been 2 weeks. he may seen like really nice guy BUT wait. please. and it will depend on your age and on his

Who is keri hilson boyfriend?

The Bahamian Errol,they have been dating for two years

What should you do if your boyfriend is moving to Japan for one to two years?

break up with him

What if your in a wheelchair how do you get a boyfriend?

Be yourself :)Improvement; I am 20 years old. I am in a wheelchair. I had my first boyfriend when I was 14. I had my daughter when I was 17. My present Partner and I have been together for almost two years now.

Can you get into Harvard if you did bad the first two years of high school but did really good youre last two?

if you score extremely high on all asestment and placement test

How can you become a citizen if you have been married for two years to a US citizen and have three children?

contact youre state department and take a test

What do you do if you slept with two guys one guy is your ex but your boyfriend and you are trying to get pregnant who is the dad?

You will have to wait until the baby's born and have a DNA test

Why should you wait for the female dog to be two years of age when breeding?

The dog has to be mature.

When to tell your mom you have your 1st boyfriend?

Well I think the best thing would be just to tell your mother about your boyfriend and not hind it from her. However, I would say that you wait a week or two to make sure that the relationship is firm.

How many years do you have to wait until an eclipse?

There are generally two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses each year.

My boyfriend and I go to the same school but i dont get to see him a lot in school and I am out sick and I have to wait for two days to see him. I miss him so much and cant wait. What can i do?

you can call him or text or myspace or wiki.answers!!!

How long do i have to wait before my spiny leaf insect eggs hatch?

about 4-6 months to two years, usually a year or less two years tops.

In the movie The Lake House did Alex really die at the end?

No he didn't since Kate wrote to him to wait two years & meet at the lake house after the two years.

How long did America wait to join the Allies during World War 2?

Two years