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Q: How do you wash an antique quilt?
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Where can you get an antique quilt appraised?

in a antique store

What is Seminole patch work?

It is an old squared antique quilt made by the Seminole Indians.

What is Seminole's patch work?

It is an old squared antique quilt made by the Seminole Indians.

What is a good location to purchase antique quilts?

Antique quilts can be purchased from auction houses and antique dealers. There are several online sites that specialize in antique quilts, they include Antique Quilt Source, Buckboard Quilts and Rocky Mountain Quilts.

Where is it possible to purchase an antique quilt from?

While antique quilts can sometimes be found on eBay, a more specialist site, such as Marie Miller's Antique Quilts website is likely to give the purchaser more choice.

Should you wash the fabric before making a quilt?

Yes, unless it is clean and not cotton.

What do you put inside of a quilt coverlet?

A quilt, of course. The coverlet is usually used to * protect an heirloom quilt * updating color (cheaper than buying a new quilt) * ease of cleaning - just wash the lightweight coverlet when necessary, rather than the heavier quilt itself * reduce wear and tear on quilt, wear & tear from use or cleaning.

Can I hand or machine wash quilt tops?

You can hand wash top quilts, but be careful about machine washing them and only do so in cold water.

Why isn't wool used in quilts?

because wool sometimes shrinks when you wash it causing your quilt to be distorted

For how much can you sell a handmade rag quilt?

Normally any handmade quilt is sold for three times the cost of materials. However if this information is not available to you, I would suggest taking it to an antique dealer or auctioneer for a value estimate.

How to wash a wool blanket My blanket is antique queen size knitted wool How do I wash Its very thick?

You should wash in cold water and use low spin on your washer.

What is the value of an antique porcelain pitcher and bowl stamped c r marquette or c h marquette or cr harquette?

antique marquette wash pitcher and bowl

How do you antique paper?

wash in warm water to remove size then with cold tea, dry on a sheet of glass

What is a calico quilt?

A calico quilt is a quilt made out of calico fabric.

What color thread should you use to quilt the quilt?

It depends what color the quilt is. You want the thread to blend into the quilt.

How many quilt blocks are used to make a quilt?

The number of quilt blocks used to make a quilt is highly variable depending on a few factors. The size of the quilt largely determines the number of quilt blocks.

How would I use quilt hangers?

Quilt hangers are the best way to hang quilts on your wall. To hang a quilt, sew a sleeve on the back of the quilt. Then, drape the quilt over over the quilt hanger and attach it to the wall.

What keeps you warm in winter starts with letter Q?

a quilt

A sentence with quilt?

A quilt is a handmade blanket. "My grandmother gave me her favorite quilt last year."

Is quilt a verb noun or adjective?

Quilt can be a noun (the item) or a verb (to make a quilt, quilting).

What is the best way to soften a stiff store bought quilt?

wash it, then dry it with 2 tennis balls in the dryer, let them bounce around in there and it will be softer when you are done, using some fabric softener in the wash will also help.

How did the Chehalis Tribe make their dresses?

is quilt

How do you wash a queen size quilt that has fabrics that may bleed?

Try washing it in the washing machine on gentle cycle with cold water (if the quilt is not too fragile). Orvus paste soap, Woolite, or another very gentle detergent is best. If you can, hang the quilt out to air dry, as a lot of color transfer happens in the dryer with the fabrics rubbing together.

What is a quilt made by a slave?

Some conservators and historians refer to a quilt made by a slave as a "slave quilt."

What is the state quilt of Alabama?

The official state quilt of Alabama is the Pine Burr Quilt. It was designated as such in 1997.