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A safe way to wash away and kill semen is to wash whatever you need to clean with warm water and soap. If you are talking about killing semen that is already in your body you can't you can use a spermicide before you have unprotected sex, but if you are worried about being pregnant and the unprotected act happened within the last 72 hours you can go to your local planned parenthood clinic or doctor to get the morning after pill which is highly effective in preventing pregnancy hope this helps, Good Luck, and God Bless!!!

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Q: How do you wash away or kill semen?
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Can urine wash sperm away and stop you from getting pregnant?

The opening to the urethra is on the outside and the semen is inside you so no, that is physically impossible.

Can pregnancy happen when semen spills on vulva?

yes. It's very unlikely bu it can happen. So you must wash the area right away.

How does friction kill germs?

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Can you get pregnant if you wash wet semen out of your hair with shampoo and then use soapy fingers to wash the inside of your vagina?

== == Of course you can

When the semen is near your vagina and you wash it off immediately can you get pregnant?


How do you cleanup the semen that was inside the vagina?

You don't usually clean that it just comes out. If you were worried about getting pregnant attemting to wash out semen wont kill the sperm so you need to get a plan b pill asap they usually cost $35-50 at any Walgreen's

Can semen come out when a man urinate?

No. That would kill the semen. But, there has been the very occasional case that it has.

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If you have semen on your hand and an hour later wash your vagina with that hand could you get pregnant?

I highly doubt it. Semen doesnt last very long outside the body. Good tip is to wash hands after having sex or anything of the sort.

If a boy semen is in you but you dont get pregnant right away can his semen still be in side of you developing?

No, semen by and of itself doesn't "develop" in to anything else.

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If you throw the condom in the toilet can you still take it out and insert the semen can you still get pregnant?

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Can you get pregnant if you touched semen with your hand then washed hands and then rubbed it on the inside of your vagina?

If you wash your hands correctly, then the answer is no.

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