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How do you wash the odor of sulfur from your laundry?


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There are 2 products. One is "Arm & Hammer laundry detergent" and the other is "Calgon " (softens the water and has a nice smell. I personally like Arm & Hammer the best.


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Because of the sulfur. Sulfur itself has a bad odor, and anything that contains a lot of sulfur also has a bad odor.

Yes, and no. They wash dishes but not laundry.

At room temperature pure sulfur is yellow and hasn't odor.

A normal laundry wash will clean it out.

Sulfur is a yellow solid and it is known for giving out an unpleasant odor, Sulfur Oxide.

Yes, sulfur has a very stinky odor, similar to rotten eggs.

Yes, there are still 2 dollar off coupons for laundry odor eliminator. This is one of many products that they can get coupons for.

The president that took care of laundry was Washington. This is a pun on Washington's name, as he would have had to wash the laundry.

Of course they washed their laundry.

All laundry in the prison: bedding, clothing, towels, etc.

not really but you can tell sulfur by smell

Boil it. The old fashioned "green" way of sanitizing laundry without bleach is to simply boil it.New front loading washers have a sanitizing cycle where the water is heated and sanitizes your clothes.The little brown bottle of Lysol, add one cup to your wash load. It too will sanitize your laundry. However, the odor from the Lysol will need to be washed out, and then add some fabric softener to mask any residual odor of the sanitizer.Pine sol original type, added to HOT water only wash load will sanitize your laundry. But there are issues with the smell, though not nearly as bad as the little brown jug of Lysol!

fireworks, gunpowder, laundry detergient

There are two syllables in "laundry." Many people mistakenly pronounce is "laun-der-y," with three syllables. They are likely getting confused because to wash clothing can be said to "launder clothing." To launder is to wash. Laundry is a place to wash clothes or the clothes being washed.

Sulfur is a non-metal solid at room temperature. It has a foul odor and is yellow in color.

Some laundry tubs do hookup to plumbing supplies, and hand wash-only clothing can be washed this way. However, laundry tubs can also be used if there is no access to running water, by using whatever source of water is available. If water is not clean, some will choose to boil it before using it to wash clothing, and this will also allow you to wash clothing in hot water if needed.

It smells like borax. I don't know how to describe an odor; it smells ... clean? Like unscented laundry detergent? Kind of?

surfactants which is a chemical that you can wash your stains out

Yes. The product's website suggests it may be used to freshen laundry and added to the wash in conjunction with the user's regular laundry soap.

laundry means washing (dirty/used cloths) say if you say "im going to do the laundry" your going to do the washing/ your going to wash the clothes.

Gunpowder matches fireworks batteries and laundry detergent

Smells alittle like rotten eggs (when its un-pure).

some times urine or some times rotting eggs.

Non-pure sulfur has a faint smell of rotten eggs

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