How do you watch TV in your desktop PC?

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Channels can be received either over the air using an antenna or through cable from your cable TV provider. Make sure which signals you can receive in your araa. Then you need purchase a digital tv tuner card. such as TBS Series tv card.
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Can you connect and use the CD-ROM on your PC to watch a movie on a television?

short answer: yes! you might have to buy a new video card and TV - but once you have the right hardware, you can make it work. "not as short" answer: first, you need a computer with a CD-ROM... and of course the movie on a CD as well as the software to watch said movie. second, you need a video card ( Full Answer )

What is a desktop PC?

PC stands for "personal computer" . Therefore a desktop PC is just that - a home computer!

Why you watch TV?

If you r bored you can watch t.v. .T.v. keeps you company because it has lotsa movies and programmes!!!!!! .

Do you need to buy anything else except dishnetpc satellite tv on PC software bundle when you watch satellite tv on your PC?

you don't need to buy anything except for the software that you need to download. once you have paid for your satellite tv for PC activation code, you can then watch your favorite tv program streaming online. just a heads, you need to have a high speed internet connection of more than 1mbps for yo ( Full Answer )

Do you need to buy Software when you watch satellite TV on your PC?

There are two ways to watch satellite TV channels in your computer: Watching satellite TV in your PC needs software installed in your computer. There are lists of satellite TV for PC which is available in the internet. You just need to pay a one-time payment to be able for you to download the so ( Full Answer )

How can you watch TV on your PC?

Do you want to watch broadcast HDTV on your laptop, or are you wanting to watch archived HDTV shows streaming from a site like NetFlix? To use NetFlix, you don't need any special equipment but you do need to have a good broadband connection that can stream HD content. If you actually want to receive ( Full Answer )

How can you watch RTE TV on your PC?

The best place that I have found where you can watch tv online for a small fee is Satellite Direct, includes loads of Satellite channels and is a really good service, including : FOX , ESPN , CBS , NBC , ABC ... If you are interested then please take a look at the link below. http://satellite--tv- ( Full Answer )

Where can you watch TV?

Simply click on one of the links below. They have lots of Movies& TV-Show episodes.

How can you watch TV from your computer onto the TV?

Download and install the satellite-TV software (which one?), you can watch it and many kinds of sports online in comfort and quality. I use this site before and it works for me. Hope it's what you are looking for *** Edit by someone experienced in detecting scams: The satellite TV software is ( Full Answer )

Who are watching TVs?

TVS, otherwise known as Television Sydney (, is an Australian free-to-air community television channel with an average monthly audience in excess of one million viewers.

How do you watch live TV on your PC?

you could buy a really expensive computer that costs like 2 grand because that automatically installs live t.v! or just go onto tevo. click on the icon in your tool bar that says 'download tv on my pc' that's if you haven't realized it already. Unless it is free, you are not getting what you p ( Full Answer )

How do you watch tv on PC?

You can watch TV on a PC by going on the internet and searching BBC iPlayer, ITV Player or even YouTube.

How do you watch a TV?

The best place that I have found where you can watch tv online for a small fee is Satellite Direct, includes loads of Satellite channels and is a really good service, including : FOX , ESPN , CBS , NBC , ABC ... If you are interested then please take a look at the link below. http://satellite--tv- ( Full Answer )

CAN you hook up a TV to a desktop computer?

Yes, provided the television supports the connection output from the computer, or you have an adapter to convert. Most PCs have VGA (AKA D-Sub), DVI, HDMI, or S-Video output. Some rare few cards (such as Radeon All-In-Wonders) may also have Component or Composite video. Typically, a converter is ne ( Full Answer )

When do watch TV?

At 3:00 take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour. Watch it until 8:30 if you want.

Are you prefer to watch sports games on TV or PC?

Well its nice to watch games on your TV sitting on your couch, real fans probably should watch it on the computer. You can get all the games at once, get stats, and flip through all the games quickly.

What type of adapter card allows you to watch tv on the PC?

A TV Tuner Card allows your computer to receive television signals so you can watch TV on your PC. If you have satellite TV service, you can watch satellite TV on computer with a TV Tuner Card. A Tuner Card can be installed internally or externally, but it will still come with video ports that y ( Full Answer )

How to connect a satellite tv box to a PC so i can watch PC content on my tv?

With a satellite dish, a satellite receiver, a digital TV tuner card, you can watch satellite tv shows on your pc. It effectively replaces the set-top box with higher quality and flexibility. The signal will be more stable and you can have more initiative.You might use the TV tuner card, such as TBS ( Full Answer )

Why is watching TV better than TV?

I believe I don't understand your question. Well, actually no one does! Lol But I understand a tiny bit so I guess I haf to say watching TV is better than TV because your watching something on TV and it doesn't cause you to be bored and another is because your watching instead of staring at th ( Full Answer )

Are PC desktops becoming obsolete?

No, they are not. Laptops are much more convenient, but they do not have the same power as a desktop. A desktop also gives you plenty of room for upgrading and replacing parts inside of it. While they are becoming less popular, they are still very useful.

What is the most expensive Desktop PC?

The most expensive desktop is this new recently released supercomputer called a CX1 by Cray which starts at about 25,000 dollars. The most expensive desktop computer as for homes is an apple mac computer a special I5 which was priced over 23,000 dollars but that xcame with a whole bunch of software ( Full Answer )

What are the best desktop pcs?

It is difficult to decide exactly what desktop PC is the best because it is really a matter of opinion as well as what you specifically want the PC for (example: gaming, business, personal browsing etc.) Some of the popular brands are HP, Dell, and Acer.

Can you watch normal TV on an Apple TV?

Only if you go out and buy a special remote. It's called the "Llama Universal TV Remote." It appears in the shelves of any usual supermarket such as Wal-Mart or A&P. Once you have the remote, connect it to your iTunes account. You can do this by removing the battery protector on the back and pressin ( Full Answer )

Can you watch live TV on Apple TV?

no, it is meant to connect to your iOS devices and Apple computers and also stream Netflix hulu+ Amazon instant video + so much more

What can you watch on tv?

Hillsong is my favorite show, but different people might like the shows on HGTV, Nickolodeon, or the cooking channel. Different options for different interests.

Is there any way to stream a pc desktop to a tv?

There are two basic options of how to stream a PC or Desktop straight to a TV: . Use a HDMI Cord, RGB Cord or a cord that works the same as them, if you have more of the newer models of TV. . You can connect your PC to your Set Top Box and then send it to your TV via that. The better way, or ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of having a desktop PC?

The advantages of having a desktop PC versus a laptop are price, ease of upgrade, and less need for accessories, to name a few. Prices of both laptops and desktops have been going down, but the price of a desktop is still lower than a laptop. Ease of upgrade comes from the fact that opening upon ope ( Full Answer )

Who provides the best desktop PC?

There are many amazing desktop pc's in the market, but some of them stand out more than others. If one wants a Windows 8 all-in-one desktop computer, they had better go with a Dell XPS One 27. This computer has a high quality touch screen, uses the brand new Windows 8 operating system, and has all u ( Full Answer )

How can one watch TV on their PC?

There are many ways a person can watch TV on their PC. One way is through On Demand services such as BBC iPlayer and 4OD. There are also subscription services such as Netflix, in which you pay a monthly fee and have access to movies and television series with the ability to cancel the subscription a ( Full Answer )

Where can one buy a PC desktop?

There are endless places one can purchase a PC desktop. They are available in most national and local computer, office supply and electronic stores like Apple, Staples, Best Buy and Future Shop. Other stores like Walmart and Costco carry them as well. And last but not least, they are available onlin ( Full Answer )

Where does one watch tv live on a PC?

One can watch live tv on a PC by buying Comcast. Using their Xfinity Anyplay service, one can use the PC to connect onto livestreams. Using this service, one can watch live streams from the phone as well.

How can one watch satellite TV on a PC?

There are many ways that one could watch satellite television through one's television. The best way of watching satellite TV through one's PC would be installing a software and hooking the output to the computer.

What is the best way to watch tv on your pc?

The best way to watch television on a personal computer is to purchase a TV Tuner that slots into the computer and then one attaches an antenna the way they would to a TV. One can also watch many channels online through interactive services.

How do I connect my desktop pc to my HDMI samsung tv along with an external subwoofer?

Well, you are talking about two separate sound outputs. The audiobuilt into the PC and the audio system that is built into the HDMIsystem. If you don't use the audio from your pc...the sound isheard from your hdmi this case the TV. Most TVs don'thave a spot to simply attach a subwoofer a ( Full Answer )

How can I watch my PC on my tv screen?

Just need and HDMI wire. Unless if you PC is old then you need aVGA wire, but if its flat screen and not an apple TV then you needa VGA to HDMI wire.