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Try using a boar bristle brush if your hair isn't course. This type of brush will help smooth your hair and make it shine. Apply hairspray to keep hair neat and looking freshly brushed.

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What is it called when an object falling straight down without air resistance?

It is called Free Fall.

How do you do a wedgie without getting their underwear ripped?

you can pull there trousers down and wedgie it. lolz

Is a row straight across or up and down?

but it is really up and down not straight across. I disagree with that a row is straight across

This girl stares at me from a distance without expression but when she is near me she looks down or straight does she like me?

She could like you or she could think you are weird.

Why don't helicopters need a runway?

Because they can go straight up and down without having to have the distance to pick up speed or slow down like airplanes. Its the way they are built.

How high can a human jump from without getting hurt?

i heard on a show up to about 40 feet. Well, if you started from a height of 500 feet you would jump down 499 feet without getting hurt

Does length go up an down or straight across?

Straight across

Why a man can lie down on a bed of nail without getting injured?

A person can lie down on a bed of nail without getting injured because the area of the bed is large, so the force is distributed evenly on the bed thus make the pressure is smaller. Pressure = force / area.

Will getting striaght A's allow you to go to any college there is?

No. Many people get straight A grades, so it often comes down to other factors.

Terms for skiing straight down?

When you point you skis straight down the hill and don't make turns it is called straight lining. Another slang term for this is bombing the hill.

What is a tsuk?

A Tsuk is a gymnastic skill on the vault. It's where you roundoff onto the vault and backsault out of the roundoff straight away without putting your feet down.

What is faster a Honda Forman 450 or a polaris sportman 450?

The formeman. The polairs couldn't make it don't the straight away without breaking down.

What is the suprise vertical word?

for example a straight line.(is it straight up and down)

What would happen to an object in orbit without gravity pulling down.?

Without gravity, there would be no orbit in the first place. A moving object would continue moving in a straight line, at a constant speed.

What condition does coach Boone lay down straight away?


What is the CHALLENG about basketball?

The challenge is to get down the court without getting the ball stolen and to put enough power into your shot to make it.

How do you pee your pants without getting scared?

Drink large amounts of water (not at once) and sit down and relax your muscles

Derringer has three barrels straight up and down Center barrel being a pivot barrel What make are you?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all markings.

How can you cut a cake into 8 pieces with 3 straight cuts without moving the pieces?

3 right to left and 1 time down the middle towards you

What planets rotate straight up and down?

The only planet that rotates straight up and down in our solar system is Uranus. (No joke intended)

Which planet is so tilted the rings are almost straight up and down?

SO tilted rinds almost straight up and down what planet is that

How do you get lots of money really quickly on club penguin without getting banned?

On DJ3K, click on classic and hold down tab. The longer you hold it down for, the more money you get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

How do you unwrap a hairwrap?

comb is straight down

Why do parade balloons lay down instead of straight up.?

Because there are people holding down the ballon, and if its straight up, you wont have alot of control.

What happens to a ball thrown straight down from a bridge would have acceleration of?

After being released, a ball thrown straight down from a bridge would have an acceleration of