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Punch wildly and don't get knocked out

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Who will win in a fight karate or boxing?


When is the right age to start boxing?

When you think you can fight and win...that is the right time to start boxing.

What is the best strategy to win a boxing fight?

Punch them in the side of their stomach! == ==

What happens if you lose a boxing match?

You train harder to win the next fight.

What is the drifrence between amateur boxing and professinal boxing?

In amateur boxing the rounds and whole fight are shorter and you must wear headgear. in the pros it is longer fights with longer rounds. In the amateurs you are not allowed to win money after a fight if you do you are then considered a professional fighter.

When are you titled golden glove in amateur boxing?

you have to make it to the golden gloves by winning everyfight and then win the golden glove fight

Who would win in a fight a boxer or a MMA fighter?

a mixed martial artist would win by far in a street fight or a no rules fight but in a boxing match a boxer would win, all around mma fighters are more dangerous because they use there intire body to fight but a boxer uses just there upper body.

What are good points about boxing?

what is the good points in boxing? -Improves your posture - Makes you stronger - Gives you a fit body - fun excersice - Learn how to fight - when your fighting you can defend yourself and win

Was Muhammad Ali to win the Olympic medal in boxing?

he was to win, because he is so good at boxing #.

What year did Muhammad ali win his first boxing match?

He won his first professional fight in 1960 and his first amateur fight aroun 1952 aged around 10.

How to get a a boxing fight?

kiss another mans wife in front of him..this never fails... always can give you a boxing fight

Who would win a fight kimbo slice are Muhammad ali?

kimbo slice all the way

Who ko'd jersey Joe Alcott to win the heavyweight boxing championship?

Rocky Marciano ko'd Walcott in the 13th round (of a fight he was losing up to that point) to win the world title.

How do peacocks fight?

The fight like chickens, boxing with their legs

Who would win in a boxing fight mayweather or el canelo?

I Think that "El Canelo" would win that fight here is why i know that canelo can do it plus he will be and in my mind he already is the best pound for pound boxer in boxing he will beat mayweather be cause el canelo is fast,i love his countering punches,i loves his speed and i know canelo can knock out cold mayweather

Who would win a boxing-MMA cross fight between Ricky Hatton and Genki Sudo?

Hatton wrong answer hatton wins in under a minute in the boxing ring, in mma style fight sudo brings a limb home with him in under a minute....APPLES AND ORANGES

Why is boxing called boxing?

it because the fight in a ring and that's like a box

What is Kali boxing?

Kali is Filipino boxing. It is very effective in a street fight.

How do you get into professional boxing?

fight of course

When did david haye start boxing?

Haye turned professional in 2002, his first fight was in Bethal Green, London; a win versus Tonry Booth.

If 3 people are in a fight how many people can win the fight?

1 can win the fight(usually)

How does boxing clubs help us?


Can you get introuble for watchin a body boxing fight?

If it just sparring-NO if its fight-yes

How you become pro in boxing?

Win a lot.

How big is the stomach?

It is the size of a boxing glove. Wow that is big ! it would win boxing matches