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I don't exactly know what you mean by "a good girl". Oh yes, I know that some guys feel a girl that "puts out" for just anyone is a "Bad Girl", but I don't know what type of girls you have been seeing. I need to add, that because some girls "put out" does not mean they are bad girls. Some girls just need to feel loved and sometimes this is the only way they can feel that need fulfilled for an hour or so, but it doesn't fix the problem. I don't like labels and I consider "bad girls" ones who hurt others on purpose or use men for their own monetary or material gain. As far as sex it's each to their own. If this girl is a lady and shy, then I suggest you take it slow and easy. If you want respect from her then earn it. Be polite, considerate and REALLY interested in what she enjoys and you will be rewarded. As far as sex that will come naturally when you have a relationship going. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-03-30 21:36:38
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Q: How do you win a good girl's heart?
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How do you win a girls heart without spending any money?

It is not heart you want, YES! But it all cost you, YES!

What does Nick Jonas love about girls?

a good heart

Can you win a girls heart back?

first don't be a jerk, show her that you've really changed.

How do you win a girls heart in fourth grade?

4th grade girls attentions are fickle. I would recommend winning her friendship and leaving it at that for the moment.

How do you win Nick Jonas's heart?

Haha. I like your question. I've never heard him say what a girl can do to win his heart, but what I have heard was what he looks for in a girl. He notices a girls eyes and smile, and he also likes having deep conversation's.

How do you win a girls heart?

Well first you have to get the girls attention and make her notice you then take things slow ask her what her name is and what she likes and stuff like that!!! ______________________________ Be sweet and kind and funny and just generally be really good friends with her until you feel ready to ask her out if you haven't already.

How do you win a man's heart?

Answer Just be yourself and you will win the right man's heart.

Waiting for a guy?

dont be pushy about it. some guys just take a while to move past other girls, but when theyre done with liking that one its really easy to win over a guys heart. i usually turn to my good friends or girls i know that i get along with, not those girls who never left me alone and got annoying

Do girls turn down good looking guys?

Yes they can. It is the goodness of the heart which is important rather than good looks

How did Michael get so good at basketball?

he put in 100% effort and heart into the sport to win the championship on the wizards and to win MVP so that's how Michael Jordan became so good

What kind of things girls like about boys?

Honesty, integrity, respect, wit, and a good heart.

What is a good example for the word woeful?

the boy filled the girls heart with woeful smiles...........i think ;)

How do you get a gf in 5th grade?

You first have to get to know them, then you got to make friends. just be yourself. you can also try to be funny and nice to the girl.then once your really good friends and like each other then you go for it. Win a girls heart

Does Nick Jonas like a good singer to be his girlfriend?

Actually, he doesnt mind, he said it himself that he likes girls who have a good heart.

How can you have her?

Win her heart

How can i win my girlfriends heart fully?

The best way to a girls heart is to just be caring and understanding. If she loves you, trust that she has given you her heart. If you haven't been together long than give it time, you are still getting to know each other.

How can you win a girls heart back?

That's easy. All you have to do is to buy the girl chocolate, flowers, necklaces, a ring, or something that she likes the most beside you.

Why do girls win?

because girls think deeper then guys

In the movie The Cheetah Girls did the Cheetah Girls win?

Yes they did

How do you win a girls heart back without spending any money?

Show that you truly care in a heartfelt way and that your sorry for whatever reason you have to win her back in the first place and stop worrying about spending money.

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The Good Girls - Love is like an itching in my heart

How do i win a boys heart back When is he's at college and doesnt like it when girls talk to him to much?

Try and go for a different guy. if he doesn't like to talk to girls then maybe he doesn't want to be in a relationship in college.

Do girls and boys have different heart rate?

yes, girls have higher heart rate than boys

Does boys and girls have different heart rate?

Yes, girls usually have a higher heart rate then guys.

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