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Before you make a move, check to see if your opponent has two in a row and you need to block it. It doesn't alawys ensure a win, but it will keep you from losing. ______ Once you get good enough at tic-tac-toe, it is impossible to win. All games between two people that are any good end in a tie. The best strategy to start with if you go first is to put your first mark in a corner. If the person doesn't take the middle square after that, you can always win if you play correctly (take a corner that forces them to play somewhere that they can't get two in a row, then lock them up with two ways to win in a third corner). If the other person does take the middle, then you take the opposite corner... then if they choose a corner, you block them and have two ways to win. If they don't take the corner, then the game ends in a tie (barring mistakes of course).
You cannot beat tic tac toe the game is unpredictable

anyone can win and anyone can lose.

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Q: How do you win at Tic-Tac-Toe?
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