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You never switch a neutral wire, only hots. hooking both hot and neutral to the same switch will result in a short when the swith is turned on.

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When a circut is closed it means what?

There is a complete path for the electricity to flow. The opposite of an open circuit. If a light switch is on and the light comes on, the circuit is closed. If the switch is turned off, the light goes off because the circuit is open.

What happens if the hot wire is connected to the neutral wire?

If the "hot" wire comes into contact with the neutral wire it will cause, what is known in the trade, as a short circuit. A high capacity of current will be drawn and the protective circuit breaker will trip.

What is a clap switch circuit?

A circuited switch, which operates with sound of clapping hands or something similar; ie. the switch comes to 'on' position when clapped once or twice, and to 'off' position when again clapped once or twice (depends on circuit design)

Where is the park-neutral switch in a 1998 Toyota Camry and where can you buy it besides at the dealer?

Park neutral switchLook down from the battery on the front of the transmission housing. Has lever and a linkage that comes from above, and big multiwire plug on top. can get at parts store, but really expensive. Junk yard? in Toyota manual (available at parts store) theres a scheme for testing switch before you install, and not all that hard.

Can you wire a standard on and off switch into an already existing circuit so that the off position completes the old circuit and the on position routes a new circuit?

A standard switch opens the circuit when in the off position, so the answer to your question is no. That said there is a way that it can be done by changing the switch to a single pole double throw switch. The "hot" will come into the switch on the common terminal. The old circuit connects to the top switch handle up terminal. The new circuit connects to the terminal in the handle down position. This setup will leave one of the circuits on all of the time. To over come this situation the switches can be installed in a double gang box. A standard on off switch will control the power to the "hot " that comes into the SPDT switch.

What color interior comes stock in a 2008 Chevy Cobalt?

The 2008 Chevy Cobalt comes stock with a neutral interior color. The neutral color is unique for the 2008 and it is not available also on the 2006, 2007 or 2009.

Why would a circuit breaker switch spark?

the circuit breaker spark when it comes an over load, loss contact,but the probable cause is loss contact...and also the circuit breaker is going to be damage or destroyed.

Why does the light switch pop the circuit breaker after a period of time?

I do not even know that it is the light switch that is popping your circuit breaker! It may be the switch or something else. The light switch controls a circuit. As electricity passes through that circuit it is heating up a contact or a weak place in a wire. At a certain point that hot place in a connector or in a wire allows the electricity to jump out of the circuit and not go through the light. When that happens, the circuit breaker pops. You can turn off the circuit breaker. Then you can look at the connectors on your light switch. If one of them looks burned, You have solved the problem. You replace the light switch. Next comes the more difficult task of looking at the connectors for your lamp. If they are not easy to get to, you call an electrician.

What do I do when my 2000 Chevy Malibu is in park and I can't turn my key to the off position and the key still comes out of the ignition switch?

The neutral safety switch is bad, the ignition does not recognize it is in park. Your ignition switch may be bad.

When is the neutral grounded in an electrical circuit?

The Neutral is bonded to the ground at the FIRST main breaker, which is usually just as it comes from the meter. In normal residential applications, power comes from the meter, then to a panel. In that panel, the ground and neutral are bonded. If that panel feeds another panel, the second panel has to have its ground and neutral separated. Mobile homes have to have a main breaker outside the house, so the neutral is grounded there, and inside the mobile home, they are separated.

What colour is the common wire in a light switch?

Normally the white wire is neutral, and the black is hot. But if the power comes into the ceiling box and the light is controlled by a switch leg the white my very well be hot. If there is only one wire in the switch box that is a switch leg.

How do you install a GFCI so it is always on to a two way light switch that controls a vent and a light in a bathroom?

Your question sounds simple but it isn't. There are two ways of wiring a light to a switch. One is to bring the hot and neutral wire to the switch box and from there run wires from the switch to the light. If this is the case you can install a GFCI on the circuit. The other way is to bring the hot and neutral wire to the light and from there run two wires to the switch and switch the light that way. In this case you cannot install a GFCI to in the switch box. <<>> The way you want the circuit to work has to be laid out as follows. Method one, the circuit that now controls the bathroom devices can be changed to a GFCI breaker. This is probably the quickest and cheapest, unless the job is new construction. Method two, if new construction use this method, as tearing walls open to get to the wiring will become costly. Where a supply circuit comes from the service distribution panel the first device on that circuit has to be a GFCI receptacle. This device has secondary terminals on it, that if connected every device downstream from it will also be protected. So if you supply the two way light switch that controls the vent fan and a bathroom light from the secondary terminals from the GFCI receptacle they will be protected.

How do you replace or inspect a circuit breaker switch?

When it comes to replacing, it is a matter of buying the same amperage breaker, popping out the old one and pushing in the new one. Top comes out first.

What does the neutral wire do in an electrical circuit?

The neutral wire is a return wire for the current in an electrical circuit. Do not confuse for the ground wire which is also a return wire but is used in the event the connected appliance shorts to protect the user from electrical shock. The neutral is actually very similar to the ground, though. In a residence the neutral comes from the power plant, whereas the ground comes from a ground rod below the meter. In most older homes the ground and neutral were connected to the same bar in the breaker box. In newer homes they now have separate bars. Here is something interesting about the neutral wire. If you are testing a live circuit using a static checker, the neutral will not show a charge, only the hot wire will. However, if you had a circuit controlling some device (maybe a light fixture) and the light fixture was in the on position, but the neutral was cut you would notice the two wires slightly sparking when you touch them together. If you were to complete this circuit with your body you will get shocked or electrocuted. If the device were in the off position you would be safe, but don't take any chances when working with electricity. Turn off the power first.

How do you change the neutral safety switch on a 1998 dodge neon?

located up at the top of the clutch pulll the switch strait out toward you comes out straight i just did it then you will see how to put it back in. there is a little slit a bottom of switch slide wires through push switch back in.

Does neutral wire carry voltage in a closed circuit?

A wire does not carry voltage. When talking about wire and voltage is it the insulation factor that comes into play. The more insulation around the conductor the higher the voltage can be suppressed on it. Wires carry current or amperage. The amperage that a wire can conduct is based on the cross sectional area of the wire. In North America this is sized by the wire gauge AWG. Now back to the question, yes a neutral can carry a current in a closed circuit. The neutral carries the unbalanced current of the circuit. Two balanced loads with a common neutral will carry no current where as with a unbalanced load the neutral will carry the difference of the two load currents.

How do you remove neutral safety switch for a 1967 Chevelle?

Removing a Nuetral Safety switch on a chevelle is actually quite easy. You take out four bolts and remove the gear shifter and then remove three more screws and unplug a pigtail and the safety switch comes right off.

How do you remove the ignition switch on a 1979 Chevy Corvette you took the lead wire off the starter that comes from the switch and had meter on it while someone turn the key and read 0 volts?

Follow the large purple wire from the ignition swiych to the neutral safety switch or the clutch switch and check the power. You may not need to replace the ignition switch.

How do you use the word neutral in three sentences?

Beige is a neutral color. Shift the car into neutral. When it comes to war, Switzerland remains neutral.

What would cause new batteries to run down?

The first thing that comes to mind is circuit leakage. There is something in the circuit that is not disconnected when the circuit switch is turned off. This can be checked by placing a DC amp meter in series with the circuit directly at the battery terminal post. Operate the circuit and make note of the current flow. Now shut the circuit off at the switch and see if you get a reduced reading. If there is a reduced reading then there is something else connected to the circuit ahead of the switch. Batteries will also discharge when stored on a concrete floor. Always store batteries that are not in use on a wooden shelf or if they need to be on the floor make sure that you use a 2" piece of blue high density builders Styrofoam to place the battery on.

What is an example of a complete circuit?

A connection from a power source, through a load and a return back to the power source. <><><> An example: electricity is supplied to the light switch on the wall through an insulated copper wire, even though the switch is in the off position electricity is present. There is another insulated copper wire going to the light bulb. When you flip the switch the circuit is completed and the light bulb comes on.

Do you connect the white wire to the black wire?

In some cases in residential wiring you do. From a light fixture junction box to a switch box, the cable is a two wire, black and white. To connect the switch into the circuit at the fixture box, the "hot" conductor is connected to the white wire that goes down to the switch. The switched "hot" comes back on the black wire and this is then connected to the fixtures black wire. The white (neutral) is picked up in the fixtures junction box and connected to the fixtures white wire.

Can a single pole switch replace a starter in a tube light?

No. Starter comes in the circuit initially and then cuts off once the tube is on. If you use the switch, it wont be cut off automatically. If you want to use the switch manually then it technically possible to do so

Where is brake light switch on a 1986 Cutlass?

There should be a bracket mounted on the steering column near the floor. This will have a switch in it that is a plunger type. When the shaft of the brake pedal is depressed, it comes into contact with this plunger and activates the brake light circuit. If you "ride the brakes", your brake lights will always be on because of the minimal pressure required to activate this circuit.

I have a hot neutral in a switch and hot black is dead. How do I trace the problem?

All troubleshooting involves eliminating possible causes of the problem. You need to find the source of power for the switch and trace from the source to the switch or vice versa. The difficulty of the tracing process depends a lot on your situation. One way to do it is to use a signal tracer. It can be brought for about $20 and comes in two parts. A signal generator and a receiver. You disconnect the hot and neutral wires from the panel breaker and neutral bus and connect the signal source between the disconnected hot and neutral in panel. Then confirm that you have the tone at the switch. Start backtracking to dead outlets with the receiver and remove each intermediate outlet or connection and find out where neutral and hot are screwed up.