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You never switch a neutral wire, only hots. hooking both hot and neutral to the same switch will result in a short when the swith is turned on.

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Q: How do you wire a 20A switch which comes with a neutral wire when only 2 wires are available for the circuit?
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When a circut is closed it means what?

There is a complete path for the electricity to flow. The opposite of an open circuit. If a light switch is on and the light comes on, the circuit is closed. If the switch is turned off, the light goes off because the circuit is open.

What happens if the hot wire is connected to the neutral wire?

If the "hot" wire comes into contact with the neutral wire it will cause, what is known in the trade, as a short circuit. A high capacity of current will be drawn and the protective circuit breaker will trip.

What is a clap switch circuit?

A circuited switch, which operates with sound of clapping hands or something similar; ie. the switch comes to 'on' position when clapped once or twice, and to 'off' position when again clapped once or twice (depends on circuit design)

With machine in neutral neutral light doesn't come on and electric start don't work?

Switch for neutral broken or not in correctly. It may operate a relay. Find it and see if it comes on and off with you switching the machine out of neutral and back. If it is fused check that. You can put your meter across the open fuse and watch the meter as you switch.

Why would a circuit breaker switch spark?

the circuit breaker spark when it comes an over load, loss contact,but the probable cause is loss contact...and also the circuit breaker is going to be damage or destroyed.

What color interior comes stock in a 2008 Chevy Cobalt?

The 2008 Chevy Cobalt comes stock with a neutral interior color. The neutral color is unique for the 2008 and it is not available also on the 2006, 2007 or 2009.

Can you wire a standard on and off switch into an already existing circuit so that the off position completes the old circuit and the on position routes a new circuit?

A standard switch opens the circuit when in the off position, so the answer to your question is no. That said there is a way that it can be done by changing the switch to a single pole double throw switch. The "hot" will come into the switch on the common terminal. The old circuit connects to the top switch handle up terminal. The new circuit connects to the terminal in the handle down position. This setup will leave one of the circuits on all of the time. To over come this situation the switches can be installed in a double gang box. A standard on off switch will control the power to the "hot " that comes into the SPDT switch.

Why does the light switch pop the circuit breaker after a period of time?

I do not even know that it is the light switch that is popping your circuit breaker! It may be the switch or something else. The light switch controls a circuit. As electricity passes through that circuit it is heating up a contact or a weak place in a wire. At a certain point that hot place in a connector or in a wire allows the electricity to jump out of the circuit and not go through the light. When that happens, the circuit breaker pops. You can turn off the circuit breaker. Then you can look at the connectors on your light switch. If one of them looks burned, You have solved the problem. You replace the light switch. Next comes the more difficult task of looking at the connectors for your lamp. If they are not easy to get to, you call an electrician.

What do I do when my 2000 Chevy Malibu is in park and I can't turn my key to the off position and the key still comes out of the ignition switch?

The neutral safety switch is bad, the ignition does not recognize it is in park. Your ignition switch may be bad.

Where is the park-neutral switch in a 1998 Toyota Camry and where can you buy it besides at the dealer?

Park neutral switchLook down from the battery on the front of the transmission housing. Has lever and a linkage that comes from above, and big multiwire plug on top. can get at parts store, but really expensive. Junk yard? in Toyota manual (available at parts store) theres a scheme for testing switch before you install, and not all that hard.

When is the neutral grounded in an electrical circuit?

The Neutral is bonded to the ground at the FIRST main breaker, which is usually just as it comes from the meter. In normal residential applications, power comes from the meter, then to a panel. In that panel, the ground and neutral are bonded. If that panel feeds another panel, the second panel has to have its ground and neutral separated. Mobile homes have to have a main breaker outside the house, so the neutral is grounded there, and inside the mobile home, they are separated.

How do you install a GFCI so it is always on to a two way light switch that controls a vent and a light in a bathroom?

Your question sounds simple but it isn't. There are two ways of wiring a light to a switch. One is to bring the hot and neutral wire to the switch box and from there run wires from the switch to the light. If this is the case you can install a GFCI on the circuit. The other way is to bring the hot and neutral wire to the light and from there run two wires to the switch and switch the light that way. In this case you cannot install a GFCI to in the switch box. <<>> The way you want the circuit to work has to be laid out as follows. Method one, the circuit that now controls the bathroom devices can be changed to a GFCI breaker. This is probably the quickest and cheapest, unless the job is new construction. Method two, if new construction use this method, as tearing walls open to get to the wiring will become costly. Where a supply circuit comes from the service distribution panel the first device on that circuit has to be a GFCI receptacle. This device has secondary terminals on it, that if connected every device downstream from it will also be protected. So if you supply the two way light switch that controls the vent fan and a bathroom light from the secondary terminals from the GFCI receptacle they will be protected.

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