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1. If the heater itself has Green, Black and White wires coming out of it, those wires are likely to be: Green for Ground, Black for Hot and White for Neutral. (As in the wiring codes for the US or Canada or countries which use similar wiring codes.)

2. When the question goes on to say "Terminals are Brown, Blue and Black", that seems to be in conflict with the information stated above in Line 1. Exactly which terminals are you describing? Are they on a plug on the cable already coming out of the heater? If it is a US-style plug then it might be for use on a 240 Volts outlet, in which case the pins on the plug would possibly have a Brown terminal for the Red "hot" , a Black Terminal for the Black "hot" and a Blue terminal for the Neutral?

3. Alternatively, maybe the questioner is in the UK, and the terminals being described are actually inside a UK-style standard 3-pin power plug, which could have a Brown terminal for Load, a Blue terminal for Neutral and (possibly) a Black Terminal for Earth (= Ground).

4. If the terminals being described in the question are not inside a plug, where exactly are they? Are they in a wall box intended for a hard-wired connection to a water heater?

5. If this is actually an appliance designed for use on 60 Hz supplies such as in in the US or Canada, which it sounds as though it may be from the colors of the wires given in Line 2 above, then you need to check very carefully if it was designed to be used on a US-style 120 Volts outlet, not 240 Volts. THERE SHOULD BE A RATING PLATE ON THE HEATER WHICH TELLS YOU THE VOLTAGE IT WAS DESIGNED TO USE. IT SHOULD ALSO STATE THE POWER TAKEN BY THE APPLIANCE. For domestic or office use it will probably be 3 KiloWatts or less.

6. If the rating plate says the heater was intended for use on a US-style 120 Volt supply, do not try to use it on a 240 Volts supply! (If you do, a fuse will blow and/or a breaker will trip!)

7. If the rating plate says the heater was intended for use on a US-style 240 Volt supply, then, if it is to be used on a UK 240 Volts supply using a UK standard power plug, wire it like this: Black wire to the Brown Terminal in the plug (labelled as Load or Live), White wire to the Blue terminal in the plug (labelled as Neutral), Green wire to the Earth terminal in the plug.

Black goes to brown, white goes to blue, and of course green would be your ground.

Always be sure to switch off the main power switch and breakers at the main panel before you attempt to do any work on any mains power circuit.

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Which wire is neutral black green or white?

White is neutral. Black is hot. Green is ground.

Do you need a neutral when running a BLK Red and ground from a panel directly to a 240V 4800W 20A heater outlet?

No. The black is 220, the red is 220, and the ground serves as the neutral. the last answer "no" is correct but the reason is not. the ground is still a ground. the red is 110v and the black is 110v. together they are 220v. the neutral or (common) is for a 110v return. for example a stove or a dryer will have 2 hots a common and a ground because they use 220v and 110v. 220v to power the heating elements and 110 for the controls, light bulbs or the outlet on a stove. A construction heater only uses 220v and only requires the two hots and the ground for safety.

What are the black and white wires in a plug?

Black is HOT and white is Neutral. Neutral is bonded to ground at main panel.

What is the color of live wire neutral wire and ground wire in Bangladesh.?

In Bangladesh the color of live is green and neutral is blue and ground is black.

In standard 120 volt wiring what are the colors?

Black is hot, white is neutral and bare wire is ground. Neutral and ground are bonded together at the main panel.

Is the stripped wire hot or neutral?

White is typically neutral and black is hot. If you are talking about the bare wire, that is ground.

Manuel to jump start a 2008 lancer battery?

red to positive terminals black to chasis ground

What does the white wire do when there is no neutral?

In standard residential wiring there is a black (hot), white (neutral) and bare wire (ground). There must be a neutral, so not sure what you mean. The neutral and ground are bonded to each other at the main electric panel.

What prongs are hot and neutral in a house plug?

ive always wired black hot,,,white neutral,,,green ground

How do you put on a four prong outlet on a roper electric dryer?

Black & Red are hot, and White is neutral. If it has no place to connect neutral connect neutral to ground.

How can you hook up the 3 wires 230V 1 phase?

US NEC Usage: There should be four wires, red, black, white, and bare copper/ground. Depending on application, white might be missing. Red and black are hot, 115V to neutral, 230V between each other, white is neutral, and bare is ground which is also tied to neutral at the distribution panel. If you are connecting a true 230V load, you would use red, black, and ground, connecting red and black to the two "marked" or colored terminals, and ground to the green terminal as well as to the box. If you are connecting a split 115V/230V load, such as a range or dryer in a non mobile-home environment, you would connect red and black as stated, connect white to the neutral/ground pin, and connect ground to the box. Neutral and ground will also need to be connected within the appliance. In a split 115V/230V load, in a mobile home environment, you must keep all four conductors distinct, using a four wire box, so that appliance ground is maintained separately all the way back to the distribution box.

Two wire what is the ground black or white?

black wire is hot wire .And the white is the common or white is ground. Depends on what your talking about in an outlet or car battery. In a outlet the ground wire is green or bare copper. neutral is red and hot is black (I remember it by hot can kill you so black is death) if I am not mistaken. As for a car battery i think it's the opposite red is hot and black is neutral.

What colour wire goes to ground on electrical plug?

It depends on what colors you have and what system you are working with. If you have black white and green, the green is ground, white is neutral, and black is hot.

How do you hook up the distribution panel box with red white black and ground wires?

Without more information that appears to be a 240 volt circuit. Red & black would connect to the 240 volt breaker, white connects to the neutral bar, and ground conductor from the ground rods or ground plate connects to the neutral bar. Make sure that the bonding screw is in the neutral bar and it is screwed through to bond the distribution panel enclosure to the neutral bar.

How do you hook up a water heater with red black and white wires?

Sounds like it is a 220-240 Volt hot water heater. The black and red are connected to the 220 volts supply and the white is connected to Neutral. At the breaker panel red and black connect to the 2-pole 220 volt breaker and white goes to the neutral bus bar.

Why Hot and neutral are both hot?

You'll have to explain your problem better.If HOT black and Neutral White in your house wiring are both hot then Neutral is NOT bounded to ground in main panel and neutral could be floating. There should be no voltage between Neutral and Ground (Bare wire in panel). By code if there are multiple panels Ground is only bonded to Neutral in th emain entry panel. I have seen cases where this bonding was not done. At your main panel check voltage between neutral and ground. It should be zero.

Can you jump start a hybrid car?

If it's a Prius you have to take the black cover off of the fuse case. The terminals are well marked, ground the black wire and go!

How can you check the hot and neutral wire using test lamp?

When using these types of testers always test the black to white wire and then black to ground wire. If the tester indicates there is a voltage to ground and not the white then the neutral white wire is open somewhere in the circuit.

Should the black wire be bonded to the ground?

It depends on the color coding standards for what country you are in. In the US, the answer is no. The Neutral (white wire) is grounded at the service entrance to the building. The black wire should have roughly the same voltage to the neutral and to the ground. Something to be aware of: If you are using a meter and checking for continuity between the black wire and ground, it may tell you that they have continuity if the breaker is on.

How do you connect a 240 v cooktop with 4 wires to a service panel with 3 wires?

The new cooktop has a 4 wire connection. Red & Black are hot. White is neutral, and green is ground. You existing panel is wired with 3 wires. Black & Red are hot and green is ground. There is no neutral wire. Connect the black to black, red to red, and then connect the white and ground together at the plug.

How do you wire a two wire fixture to a three wire outlet?

In the outlet, as a general rule, The Black is the power The White is the neutral (Which is alot like ground) The copper is Ground. (In fixtures, ground is sometimes green) As a general rule, a fixture has a black power and a white neutral. There are Youtube videos that will teach you about house wiring.

Why does a light turn when you place black to black and white to ground wire?

You don't say "turn off" or turn on". Light should be connected black to black and white to white and ground to ground. If you connect white to ground it will work, but you are then using the ground wire for an unintended purpose. Neutral is bonded to Ground at the panel. Current on ground wire could cause ground loops and may cause GFCI to trip if you have them in your house.

Where to get electrical wiring diagram for HOME air conditioner?

You can contact the manufacturer. If its a window unit that the plug is missing there are terminals inside where the cord used to be. Black is hot, white is neutral and green is ground. Check the nameplate on the unit to make sure of the voltage and current draw (amps).

Why on 120 volt circuit both black and neutral read 120 volts?

If you are reading 120 volts to ground on the neutral then you have an open circuit from the neutral side of the load to the voltage distribution point.

How to wire a plug with blue brown and Black?

Test the wire with a meter to determine which wire is your hot, which is your neutral, and which is your ground. Those colors are indicative of a 240v circuit normally, so you may have two hots and a ground. Other wise Hot=Black, Neutral=White, and Ground=Green for placement. On your plug, Black/Hot goes to the brass colored terminal. Green/ground goes to the sometimes green terminal that is off by itself usually at the bottom of the receptacle. The neutral goes to the silver terminal.

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