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Get a universal kit. Looks like a little 2&1/2 by 2&1/2 black box, 3/4 inch thick. It has 4 wires with a female plug that hook right up to your trailer. The other side of the box has 5 wires that connect to the previa. Remove tail light lense - 2 screws. Pry back using screwdriver not outward. There should be 1 extra long wire (green) that goes to the right turn signal. This box will be fastened to the left side, or you can leave it free. Fish the long wire where you want it to go with a coat hanger.Just get it up to the bulbs on the right side. You need to go to radioshack for some tapping connecters (red for 18-22 gauge) you need 4. You need a Test Light screwdriver with alligator clip on long wire. Find a ground point (small screw under bumper). You need to keep testing by putting on your turn signals, taillights, and stop light to find which bulb is lighting up. On the right turn signal connect that long wire to the positive wire. If you did it right, your test light will show when you stick the point into the trailer female plug marked right turn. Do the same thing with the left turn signal (yellow wire). Now the tail and stop lights operate off the same bulb. Again, turn on your running lights. 2 positive wires go to the same bulb -- 2 filaments. Take your test light and touch metal crimped going into bottom of bulb. One will light test light, one won't. the one that lights is where you want to tap into with the brown wire or taillights. Should be marked - on the unit. That leaves 1 wire left. Put something on the brake pedal to hold it down. Now with test light touch other positive wire to that same bulb -- it should light up. Connect the red wire to that positive wire. stop lights. YOU ARE ONLY CONNECTING ONE WIRE FROM THE UNIT TO ONE POSITIVE WIRE THAT GOES TO THE BULB. THE WHITE WIRE IS GROUND AND WILL COMPLETE EVERY- THING ONCE IT IS HOOKED UP. Now take ground wire and attach it to the small screw that you used for testlight. Lift up rug - you should find a predrilled whole for ground. If not drill one - put a gromment on it.

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How do you wire a 6 flat harness to pull a boat trailer?

when you buy the harness to wire in, the intructions for correct wiring will be on the harness packaging

What is the first thing you should do after retrieving a boat onto a trailer?

Pull The trailer away from the boat ramp.

What is the first thing you should do after retrieving a boat on to a trailer?

Pull The trailer away from the boat ramp

What is the first thing you should do after loading a boat onto a trailer?

pull trailer away from the boat ramp

What is the first thing you should do after retrieving a boat on a trailer?

pull away from the boat ramp

What is the first thing you should do when retrieving a boat onto a trailer?

pull the boat away from the boat ramp

Where can you take a pontoon boat?

Rivers or lakes only except when it is on a trailer , then you can pull it on any road .

Why can't you pull a trailer?

I can't pull a trailer because I do not have a trailer hitch on the back of my car.

Will it pull 5500 trailer?

Sure! Oh wait, will what pull a trailer?

2002 trailblazer 2wd ls you want to pull a boat aproxmntly 3300-4000 lbs can this vehicle handle it?

yes it can handle it we pull a 4000# travel trailer with are 4WD. make sure you have brakes on your trailer of course

Can a 1994 Wrangler 4L tow a 4500 pound boat and trailer?

The jeep can pull the trailer but it's very dangerous. The problem is the overall weight of the boat and trailer is greater than your tow vehicle. If you need to stop suddenly the boat will push you right into what you are trying to avoid. If you have to swerve suddenly you can easily loose control. I would not recommend you attempt.

Can a horse pull more or push more in a harness?

does a horse pull a cart with the harness, or does a horse push the cart with harness from the front

Will your 2002 Xterra pull your 4300 pound travel trailer?

I have a 2003 xterra 4 x 4 and I pull a 4,300 coachman travel trailer with it. It will pull the trailer provided that you have a weight equalizing hitch and trailer brakes. You have to pull the trailer with the automatic transmission out of over drive.

2002 Chevy Venture trailer wiring harness location?

it's at the rear behind the left side cover. once the cover is pull you should see a plug in. You may have to go to the dealer to get the proper wiring harness.

How do you use tilt boat trailer?

A tilt trailer is the best type of trailer to have I think, since you don't need a boat ramp to launch your boat. I have a tilt trailer. First, make sure your boat and trailer are balanced properly. The boat weight should be forward of the axle slightly, so that the trailer does not tilt when the bow of the boat is touching the bow stop. Balance the trailer and boat by adjusting the axle and bow stop positions on the frame. (The tongue weight also has to be right, of course.) Also, if your trailer has bunks, the majority of the boat's weight should be on the keel rollers and not the bunks. Finally, all the tilt trailers that I have seen have a safety chain wrapped underneath the trailer tongue to keep the trailer from tilting too much. I think that's a good feature to have. When launching, back up to the water (on the beach or boat ramp) until the water is deep enough. This depends on your boat and prop length. For my boat, I back up until the water level is just below the wheel bearings or axle. Pull the tilt pin. Also, some tilt trailers have a lever that lowers the bunks to reduce friction. Start to slide the boat backwards, holding onto a bow line. If your boat is heavy, you may want to use the winch to control the speed, as the boat can accelerate as the trailer tilts. As the boat moves backwards, the trailer automatically tilts back. The boat just rolls along the keel rollers into the water. When retrieving your boat, the process is just reverse. As you winch the boat up on the aft keel roller, the trailer automatically tilts back. As the bow reaches the bow stop, the trailer frame levels out again. Before you drive off, remember to replace the tilt pin! A tilt trailer is pretty easy to use and you usually don't have to submerge your wheel bearings in the water!

Do you need a license plate to pull a camper in the state of Kentucky?

I called the county clerk of where I live and he said yes. It has to have a plate. But a boat trailer or a small utility trailer don't have to have one. That is if you dont take it out of the state.

Anyone know the weight of 1979 Beachcraft 18'2 boat or the weight of a boat around 1979 that's about 18 feet and could I pull with a Minivan?

I have a Beachcraft similar, it is 19 ft, it weights about 3300lbs with the trailer.

How old does a driver have to be to pull a horse trailer in Maryland?

You can pull a horse trailer as soon as u get your drivers license, in maryland

What do you use the tractor for?

To pull the trailer.

Can you pull a trailer with a learners permit?

Yes, state police in every state do allow you to pull a trailer less then 35 feet.

Can a regular harness pull a sled?


Wired Trailer lights now no lights on escape 2005 escape?

Well, if wired trailer lights means:you wired a trailer/tow harness into your factory harness. There is only 2 answers that come to mind. 1. You've blown a fuse. 2. You wired your trailer/tow harness in wrong. So... If you possibly wired it in wrong, you'll need to start over again. The best place to start is to pull out the trailer/tow harness & put the Escape's harness back together like it was before you started. Then check all lights & fuse's. If all's well, this is the color code you'll need to use to hook-up your basic 4-wire trailer/tow harness. Key Code: The left side of the code is your trailer/tow harness. & the right side of the code is your escape's harness. YELLOW-to-YELLOW (pass. sd. stop-turn light) GREEN-to-GREEN (driver sd. stop-turn light) BROWN-to-BROWN (park/running lights) WHITE-to-WHITE/w-Black stripe (ground). This should git you happly towing in no time. (P.S. there should be a tow wire kit avalible for your escape. Call your ford dealer for the part no#. With the part no# you can git more cheaply elsewhere.)

Can you pull a trailer behind a trailer on pa turnpikes?

Yes you can. You can pull doubles and triples. You can pull two 48 trailers and two 53 foot trailers. You can pull three 48s, but you cannot pull three 53 foot trailers.

What is a horse's harness called?

on their head it's called a halter but when they pull a cart its just a harness.

What truck equipment do I need to pull a horse trailer?

You'll need a truck that's heavy enough to pull the trailer, equipped with a trailer ball hitch to attach the trailer. You also need to make sure the horse trailer has operating turn signal and brake lights.