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The thermostat is just a low voltage on-off switch. There should be two small wires (assuming you are replacing an old unit) coming out of the wall. These could be any color combination. Connect one wire to each of the terminal screws inside the thermostat housing. Replace the cover and turn it to the desired setting. The furnace should now hum happily until set temperature is reached

The `R` terminal on the stat is for the powered wire from the furnace, the `W` terminal is the power back to the furnace to start it those are the 2 to use. If you have 3 wires the third one goes on the `G` terminal, that is to run the fan only if you have a subbase with fan switching (Auto/On) capability. Usually but not always all 3 of these wires will be color coordinated with their terminals (Red,White & Green).

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How do you turn furnace on without thermostat?

turn breaker off. unhook thermostat wire to furnace turn breaker on. worth a try; if it works you will have to turn off breaker to shut it down.

Why was power lost to a heat and air thermostat?

The power to the thermostat comes from the transformer in the furnace or air handler whichever you have. 1) the power to the furnace/AH is off, 2) the control fuse that protects the transformer is blown, 3) the transformer is defective, 4) the wire between the furnace and the thermostat got cut.

Replaced the thermostat and the furnace works but wont turn on?

Sounds like you might have a blown transformer, or a blown fuse on the transformer. Hope for the fuse. Its on the Furnace. Be sure your white wire is on the heat side of the thermostat, and the red wire is on the correct terminal also. The transformer can be checked with a voltmeter.

Your payne furnace does not turn on when you move the thermostat?

i have a model 125u19 payne furnace i move the thermostat but nothing comes on in the furnace and the pilot light is lit

New furnace and thermostat now air conditioner compressor doesn't work?

If you replaced the furnace and thermostat this past winter, and now the A/C doesn't work. You probably just have a loose control wire. Check the yellow wire at the stat. It should be on the Y terminal. Next, look inside the furnace at the terminal block. The condenser wire should have two conductors. One hooks up with the yellow wire on the Y terminal of the terminal block. The other hooks to the C terminal. Always turn off the breaker to the furnace before working on any wiring. No need to fry the transformer.

5 wire thermostat to a four wire thermostat?

Dont connect the common wire.

do you have to have a thermostat for an outdoor furnace?

Yes, a thermostat is required for an outdoor furnace. I recommend going to for discounted thermostat.

Divice for regulating furnace heat?

There is always a wall thermostat for regulating furnace heat.

What size wire to use to install a thermostat?

Use what is called bell wire or thermostat wire.

How can you test thermostat in your furnace?

Set thermostat to desired temperature; lets say, 70 degrees Fahrenheit, a few seconds will go by then the furnace should activate. Once the furnace heats the room to the set temperature the furnace should shut off.

Main burner on furnace burns all the time even with thermostat turned down a no electric signal to valve from thermostst?

Depends on what type of furnace you have but it sounds like 1.a wire from the thermostat is shorted, 2.the thermostat is stuck itself or 3. the main gas valve is stuck. Try turning the power off to the furnace next disconnect the wires leading to the gas valve if this stops it check 1 and two if this doesnt stop it then it is number 3

How is your endocrine system like the thermostat in your house?

The negative feedback system. It works much the way a thermostat works. When the temperature in a room drops below a set level, the thermostat signals the furnace to turn on. Once the furnace has raised the temp in the room to the set level, the thermostat signals the furnace to shut off. It will continue to stay off until the thermostat signals that the temp has dropped again.

What reading will you get on your multimeter if furnace thermostat is bad or open?

If the thermostat is open, the ohm reading will be O/L.

Device for regulating furnace heat?

A thermostat regulates heat.

What is the thermo mean device for regulating furnace heat?


I have an International Comfort Products Furnace Model NFCP2400D1 and want to wire it to a heat only thermostat. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

If the furnace is a single stage heat model. Use R,W and G at the stat and the furnace. This info is in the Installation Manual. R is 24 volt hot,W is heat and G is fan.

How should the thermostat be set for gas hot forced air furnace?

In the instruction manual for the furnace, it will either give you the heat anticipator setting or instruct you how to do it. If its digital, well then follow the thermostat instructions

Furnace need a ground wire?


What is a furnace control system?

A furnace by definition provides heat. There must be something that controls that heat; that is that tells the furnace when to fire up the burners and when to shut down the burners. This function is provided by the furnace control system. Usually the control system itself is controlled by a thermostat which maintains the temperature at a preset level on the thermostat.

What size wire do you use for a furnace?

any wire just shuve it in lol :)

Device for regulating furance heat?

A device for regulating furnace heat is the thermostat. A programmable thermostat can be set to control the temperature inside the home on a regular schedule. The thermostat is set to a desired temperature and then the furnace turns on and off to accomplish the desired heat level.

What are the Problems with an electric resistance furnace?

Every Electrical Furnace run by Electrical Current. Without electricity we can't use any type electric furnace. Sometechnical knowledge must be required for maintenance of electric furnace. Spare parts availability like Heating elements/resistance wire, Thermostat/Temperature controller (maybe Digital or Blind controller, Contactor, Insulators etc.

How do you hook up your thermostat to your furnace?

2 wires to the "R" and "W" terminals on the furnace. Usually the thermostat has similar terminals. If you have air conditioning, then there are 5 terminals to contend with. Look for a wiring diagram on the internet.

What do you do with the ground wire when installing a new thermostat that doesn't have a connection for the ground wire It's a 4 wire Honeywell thermostat Is it ok to not connect the ground wire?

That Thermostat is LOW voltage. IT does not have a ground wire. There is no need for a ground. it only opperates on 24 volts. there may be a green wire but it does not mean it is a ground

Why is the heat and air system only working on emergency heat?

when running the heat-pump the air blowing from the heat ducts is not hot ( it's to cold for the heat-pump). you have a main furnace and it won't turn on ( is thermostat selected for this source), ( is the power switch for main furnace on ), ( is fuse for this furnace good). If these are good (check thermostat wiring at thermostat, and transformer).

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