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How do you wire a set of factory fog lights for a 93 Honda Civic?

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check that out..

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How do you wire brake lights for Honda cbr 1000?

how do i wire my brake lights on my Honda 1000

Replacing Headlight ground on 2002 Honda civic?

Grounds for a headlight on a 2002 Honda Civic are found stemming from the wiring of the lights themselves. To replace a ground remove the old wire and solder on a new one.

Wiring for power side mirror on Honda civic?

The power mirror, on your Honda Civic, has three wires. There is a red hot wire, a black ground wire, and a white auxiliary wire.

What color is the horn wire for a Honda civic?


How do you hot wire an 87 Honda Civic?

Put a key in

Where can i find a Spark plug wire diagram 1994 Honda civic?

What is the sensor above the oil filter of a Honda Civic Ex 97 coupe?

It's for the factory oil pressure sensor. Should only have one wire comming out of it.

How to disable alarm on Honda Civic?

To disable an alarm on a Honda Civic locate the brain of the system. The brain controls the alarm. Unplug the brain from the wire harness.

Can a 1994 Honda Civic engine fit into a 1996 Honda Civic ex?

more then likely maybe different wire harness's.... and engine mounting brackets!!

How do you change the passager side headlight on a 2002 civic?

The passenger headlight on a 2002 Honda Civic is held on by mounting brackets. Remove the bolts from the mounting brackets and pull the headlight off. Be sure to disconnect the wire harness for the lights.

What color wire can you use for a ta ch on a 1991 Honda civic?

How connect wiring v tech civic 93?

You can not wire a V-TECH house phone into a 1993 Honda Civic.

Where is the fuse for the stereo in a 1999 Honda Civic LX?

if its a factory radio, then the fuse box... if it's an add on radio, you'll have to trace the power wire to the fuse box or battery d

How do you hot wire 1998 Honda civic?

same as you hot wire any other car.but dont get caught if its not your car

What is the spark plug wiring order from the plugs to the distributor on a 1998 Honda Civic 1.5l?

What is the proper spark plug wire placement routing to the distributor for a 1994 Honda civic cx

Why are your Tail lights not working on 1994 Honda Civic Ex?

have you tried replacin the fuse. if its not the fuse try a relay start small if that's not it take a test lite and start checkin your wire, you may have a dead spot on the wire and don't know it.

Is the d16z6 a compatible engine with a 1991 Honda Civic Hatchback Dx?

it will bolt it but you have to wire the VTEC

What wires are the positive and negative for a 1997 Honda Civic door speaker?

For the front door speakers in a 1997 Honda Civic, the left front speaker wire (+) is blue and the left front speaker wire (-) is gray/black. For the right side, the front speaker wire (+) is red/green, and the right front speaker wire (-) is brown/black.

How do I repair a speaker wire in the door of my 1999 Honda Civic?

the easiest thing to do is to find the wire for that door on the back of the radio and re run it

What would cause a speedometer to go out on a 1996 Honda civic ex?

a wire could have came loose

Honda Civic SI trunk release wont work?

When you pull a button in the cupe? If its no response, its the wire.

How do you replace a Honda Civic starter?

A Honda Civic starter is found on the transmission. The starter is mounting with two bolts. Loosen the remove the bolts, then disconnect the starter solenoid from the wire harness. Replace with a new unit.

Can you put 1996 Honda Civic lx doors on 1996 Honda Civic dx?

yes, but depends on manuel or electric. if electric you will need to switch everything wire harness motor in door and then you are ready to go.

Where do i find the tachometer signal wire on a 1989 Honda civic hatch?

There should be a blue wire behind your original gauges. That's where you hook up your green signal wire

Where is the the tach signal wire on a 2000 Honda civic?

tach signal wire is a blue wire with a black cap that ends on the top of the strut tower near the firewall...done