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Hire an electrician. Meter feeds are usually unfused. Any mistakes will cause a nasty fire, and draw the ire of the power company, the fire department, and your local house inspectors. You do not want to make a mistake on a 220V unfused line.

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Q: How do you wire a single-phase meter?
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How can measure nutral and earthing wire?

Nutral wire can be measured by using clamp meter, if there is a current passing through the wire, we got a reading in the clamp meter i.e. 2A. If we clamp the earth wire by the clamp meter the reading will be zero.

How do you wire a taxi meter and which wire goes where?

how to wire taxi in toyota avensis 2010 petrol

To get power to an air conpressor 60 feet of wire is needed a 15 meter roll of wire is to be used will he have enough wire to complete the job?

There are 3.28 feet in 1 meter.

What is the price per meter of electrical wire?

The price per meter of electrical wire depends on many things like the size, type and many others. The prices vary from $0.1 per meter to $200 per meter.

What is the wire coming out of the electric meter?

If you have a copper wire coming out it would be a"ground." This wire is there in case there is crossed wires inside the meter. It allows the electricity to seek the shortest route to the ground through the wire instead of through something dangerous or distructive.

How do you Calculate MF in 3-Ph 4 wire energy meter?

how to calculate m.f. of energy meter 3 phase 4 wire h.t. & l.t.

What is the cost of 1 meter wire?

It is 39 inches

How do you wire an inline voltmeter?

An inline volt meter is designed to have the voltage pass through it. The wire has to be cut or otherwise disconnected, and the meter installed between the disconnected ends of the wiring.

How do you measure line current in single phase?

Use a clamp on meter (amps), or use a meter connected in series with the phase wire (note: this will require the phase wire to be disconnected)

What is a digital clamp meter?

A digital clamp meter is a meter that works from clamping over the wires. YOu dont actually have to cut or bare the wire

What do you use a amp meter for?

To measure current in a circuit. The meter needs to be inserted in series with the source or a clamp on meter has to be used on a single wire.

What size grounding wire do you use as the 4th wire running in your conduit from your 200 amp meter box to your 200amp service panel this is the ground wire from box to box?

You do not use a ground wire in the connection from the meter base to the distribution panel. A bonding wire may be required if the service is using PVC conduit.

How many pieces of wire 2 meter in length can be cut from a coil that has 3 kilometer of wire?


How do you Wire a 240 watt meter for 120 volt?

240 watts to 120 volts? Or 240v to 120v? What kind of meter? As in an electrical test meter?

What is the cost of 1km of wire at 10c per meter?


How does a potatoes electricity go to a voltmeter?

The wire leads of the meter.

A scientist is working with meters of gold wire. How long is the wire in millimeters?

1000 millimeters equals 1 meter

What color is positive and negative when installling a Kenwood CD player into a Peugeot 106 phase 2?

All you have to do is turn on the car into ignition area and grab a voltage meter. Find positive first, to do this, find a good ground spot on your vehicle, such as a screw or metal, than with the red meter wire, go around til you find one that makes the volt meter go up... that is your power wire. Now, go from that wire, and check for your ground wire. Hold the positive wire onto the positive spot on your vehicle, and use the black wire to check until the meter goes up, that is your ground. Now you are done.

How do you calculate 3 phase 3 wire balanced load from 1 phase 2 wire energy meter?

It is not practical to do what you are asking with a three-wire system.

How do you identify the ANODE wire on your corner light?

Use a voltage meter.

How do you check an amp wire for power?

test light or volt meter

What uses a weight and a wire to detect horizontal movement?

creep meter

How do you calculate the velocity of a transverse wave in a wire if the wire is under a tension of 1200N and each meter of wire has a mass of 10g?

v = square root of 1200/0.01

How do you use a miltimeater?

A multimeter is used to test an electrical current. The meter is turned to "zero" to begin. The black wire is on a piece of metal to ground it. The red wire then is used to touch the wire in question. If the meter needle moves, there is a current and the meter will show how much current in volts. Multimeters bought in hardware stores should not be used to check current of larger wires.

How do you wire a taxi meter in a ford crown vic?

we in New York city must go to a specialized meter shop best choice for your car and meter safety don't burm the meter harnes or you'll be sory . do it profesionly METER SHOP.