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How do you wire a three phase motor to a three phase power supply?


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Connect the 3 conductors of the power source to the 3 conductors of the motor turn the motor on for a brief moment to note the direction that it turns if the direction is reversed swap any 2 conductors. Try this:


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With no three phase power supply you can't use a three phase motor of any kind at all!

You don't. A three phase motor will not start unless it is connected to a three phase supply.

A three phase motor requires a three phase power supply. You can not run a three phase motor on a single phase power supply unless you provide some kind of converter, such as a motor-generator set or an inverter. You might be able to get the motor to rotate on single phase, if you provide starting torque somehow, but you will not get rated power in that configuration.

To use a single/one phase motor instead of a three phase motor is possible if you have a three phase power supply as you will only need to tap one of the three phases together with neutral and an earthwire, however to use a three phase motor instead of a single phase will require the provision of three phase power supply.

A static converter allows a single phase supply to operate a three phase motor. Basically it converts the single phase supply into enough energy to power the three phase motor.

A three phase motor will not work on a 2-phase power supply, it needs a 3-phase power supply. Two phase electrical services are no longer the standard for electrical distribution. You would need to get an expensive phase-changer to convert your normal single phase power supply to three phase. Depending on the power output you require from the motor, it can often be much cheaper to buy a suitable single phase motor, new or secondhand, instead of buying a phase-changer as the power supply for a three phase motor. If you really do want use that three phase motor you may find it worthwhile to contact your electricity supplier first, to ask if they can install a three phase service for you to use and what the cost would be. Otherwise, after you have bought the expensive phase-changer unit, you may find out later that your electricity supplier could have upgraded your service to three phase for a lower cost!

No. You need a three phase supply to run a three phase motor. If you only have a one phase supply, you could use an inverter or a motor-generator set, but by the time you did that, it would have been more cost effective to simply get a one phase motor, or (in the bigger case) upgrade to a three phase supply.

It must be a three phase supply service to run a three phase motor.

consider 380-440V for three phase power supply

You will need to install a phase converter or change the motor to single phase. You can find a licensed electrician at

A single phase supply can operate a three phase motor with a static converter. No a power supply of computer cannot be fed through the static converter.

Yes, a three phase motor can run on a DC supply. You will need to provide an inverter, or a motor-generator set to do so. (In practical terms, the answer is no, because the costs will be high for any kind of significant power.)

If you interchange any two of the supply legs of a three phase motor, the motor will operate in a reversed rotation than is did before the interchanging of the supply legs.

The difference between a single phase and a three phase motor is the amount of power conductors that feed the device. As to the other part of the question a three phase motor will not start or run on single phase. The phase angles on three phase are 120 degrees apart on a single phase system they are 180 degrees apart.

Any two legs of a three phase supply are classed as single phase. L1 - L2, L2 - L3 and L3 - L1.

To do this, you will need to phase shift the single phase power supply into three distinct phases that are 120 degrees out of sync with each other. Phase shifting transformers can be used for this, but there might be other ways as well.

Two-phase power as strictly defined has not been available for about 100 years. A three-phase supply with one phase disconnected is really only a single-phase supply and using a capacitor to create the third phase would not really work because it cannot accommodate changes in the current drawn by the motor.

You need three phase power to get three phase power. If you only have one phase, you will need some kind of inverter or motor-generator set. Generally, however, the demands of a three phase motor will exceed the capability and efficiency of these "tricky" solutions. It is best to simply contact your local power company and have them provide the proper three phase power to your facility.

Because a three-phase supply causes a steady rotating field inside a three-phase motor, so the torque is a constant torque in one direction.

Shunt motors do operate on single phase AC. There are millions, if not billions of them worldwide running right now.Make certain your voltage supply is correct for your motor. Also, make certain you're providing the proper amperage. Make sure it's not a three phase motor. (three phase motors won't operate on single phase power.) If your supply voltage and amp supply is correct and the motor still doesn't run, you've got a bad motor.

Supplying power to a 3-phase motor using a single phase is termed "single phasing", which is, in general, not good for the motor. Depending on the connection, one phase or two phases will have higher than normal current draw, which could damage these legs. If lightly loaded, the motor might be fine. You need to supply three phase power to a three phase motore for it to operate normally and be able to pull it's specified load. If all you have is a single phase, there are power devices made to give you three phase power from single phase.

As the motor is a three phase machine,it must be AC supply

you need three-phase power True, but the advantages outweigh that disadvantage.

The only association of a capacitor with a three phase motor is for the correction of the power factor of the motor.

You cannot run a three phase motor on single phase power. You'll burn the motor up within minutes. By the way, I've never seen or heard of a 380 volt motor. Do you mean a 480 volt motor? If so, the only way you can power it is with the correct full voltage and a 3 phase power supply.

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