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Large terminal on alt goes to battery pos, small wire on alt goes through bulb to ignition switch feed. When alt is not turning the ignition feed goes through bulb to small term, which is earthed through alt hence light is on when ignition on but engine stopped. When engine starts the alt creates 12v volts on small which breaks earth and turns light out. Alt will not work without 12v ignition feed to small term as power is required to start charging process. Tried to simplify it down, hope it helps.

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Q: How do you wire an alternator to charge the battery on a boat with a Perkins 4108 engine?
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Does the motor charge the battery when you run the engine?

No, the alternator recharges the battery. Of course the alternator is turned by the engine.

Will car start if alternator is dead?

Yes, the battery starts the engine, and as long as the battery is fully charged the engine will start. The battery will loose it's charge if the alternator is defective and not replenishing the charge of the battery but the alternator has nothing to do with starting the engine.

How do you use the rotational motion of a wheel to charge a battery?

Start the engine up. The engine will rotate the pulley on the alternator and charge the battery.

What should you do if battery was not charged before installing new alternator?

My advice is to charge the battery with a battery charger before starting the engine. You will be putting a heavy load on the alternator if you allow it to charge a dead battery. This could damage the alternator.

What cause alternator not to produce power to start engine?

The alternator produces power to charge the battery. The battery powers the starter to turn the engine over.

Why new battery and alternator won't hold a charge when car is running?

The alternator does not hold a charge. It charges the battery. If it will not charge the battery then either the alternator is defective, battery is defective, or the connections are corroded or loose. You should read 13.5 to 15.5 volts at the battery with the engine idling. Check it with a DC volt meter. If you get less the alternator is defective. If you get much more the voltage regulator is defective.

Does an alternator charge a battery while the car is not running?

No , just when the engine is running

Will a car start if the alternator is going out?

It will start if there is enough charge in the battery to turn the engine over. However if the alternator is weak then the battery will not be charged fully.

Will battery recharge after bad alernator is replaced?

An alternator is designed to keep a fully charged battery at peak level. It is not designed to charge a dead battery. Installing a new alternator on a car with a dead battery can in some cases ruin the new alternator. Fully charge the dead battery before starting the engine.

Can a loose positive battery cable prevent the alternator from charging the batter and can it cause a battery drain while the engine is not running?

Yes, a loose battery cable will prevent the alternator from charging the battery. The drain on the battery is not caused by the engine not running unless an accessory is left on. Most likely, the drain is caused by accessories (radio, lights, etc) while the engine is running due to the battery not receiving its charge from the alternator and then not having enough charge left to start the engine.

Will car turn over if bad alternator?

Yes, as long as you have a fully charged battery and good starter the engine will start even if the alternator is defective. The engine will run until the battery looses it's charge, which it will. if the alternator is bad.

Why does the engine make noise when the lights are turned on?

Alternator straining to maintain battery charge?

Does a car have to be moving to charge the battery?

No , for the battery to be charged the engine must be running . This means that your alternator , if it's functioning properly , is charging the car's battery as the engine is on/running .

Should your car start right after changing the alternator?

If the battery is fully charged and the starter is working properly it will turn over and start. The alternators sole purpose is to supply voltage to the vehicle and battery when the engine is running. When the engine is not running the alternator has nothing to do with starting the engine. If the alternator went bad and the battery was discharged then you will have to charge the battery before it will be able to start the engine. Do not jump start the engine with a dead battery if you can avoid it. This puts a strain on the alternator trying to recharge a dead battery and can damage the alternator, even a new one.

97 Honda civic lights dim and engine dies?

The most common cause for your 1997 Honda Civic lights to dim is a bad alternator. The alternator is not charging the battery. The battery retains a small charge, but not enough charge to run the engine.

Can running a new alternator on a half charged battery cause damage to either the battery new alternator voltage regulator etc?

Not likely, but running the engine with a dead battery can damage some alternators. Always fully charge the battery when installing an alternator.

How long does a diesel engine have to charge for?

It doesn't, unless it has a faulty alternator/battery or isn't driven.

Can a car's alternator charge the battery while the car is not running?

No. The alternator has to be turning to produce the charging voltage. It only turns when the engine is running.

Can you charge an ATV battery with a car battery?

I am assuming you mean with the auto engine running. Yes, that is possible but you are putting a strain on the alternator of the car. An alternator is not designed to charge a dead battery. It is designed to keep a charged battery fully charged. as long as the ATV battery is the same voltage as the car battery, usually 12 volts, you can charge it, or jump start the atv and let it charge the battery itself.

How do you know if the battery is no good on a 2000 ml320?

Should really charge it then test it with a proper battery load tester. All you can do on your own is get a multimeter and check the voltage. Without it running and having sat for a 1/2 hour or so the voltage should be approx 12-12.5 volts. Start the engine and if the alternator is good the voltage at the battery terminals should be 13-14 volts. If without the engine running the battery voltage is 12 or less this may indicate that the battery is not holding a charge. Even then the voltage should go to between 13-14 volts when engine is started showing that the alternator is working to charge the battery. If when started the battery voltage stays around 12-12.5 volts or less I would suspect the alternator. Just to double check there is the main power out terminal on the back of the alternator. With the engine running check the voltage. If 13-14 volts is present at the alternator but not the battery the circuit in between the alternator and battery is suspect. If the voltage at the alternator is the same as at the battery (12-12.5 or less) the alternator or voltage regulator may be defective.

Does alternator need to charge after replacing it?

No, the alternator is the charging device which runs off a belted pulley attached to the motor. The alternator charges the battery which is the source of the current required to get the engine turning over and in turn starting the engine.

Can a car battery be bad if its still pushing 12 volts?

Yes. A fully charge battery will read 12.6 volts with engine not running. A 75% charged battery will read 12.4 volts. At 50% charge, it will read 12.2 volts. At a 25% charge it will read 12 volts, but that will not be enough to even start the engine in most cases and unless the alternator is bad the battery is defective. With the engine running you should read 13.5 to 15.5 volts at the battery. Any less and the alternator is defective.

How long to run your car battery after jump charging?

It is best to drive home and put a battery charger on the battery and let it fully charge. Letting it charge with the alternator puts a strain on the alternator and should be avoided if possible. But if you have no charger then you will need to let the engine run for around 30 minutes to charge the battery enough so that it will start the next morning. It will take a couple of hours of driving to fully charge the battery.

My Toyota won't idle after changing the battery?

battery is low charge. Take it for a long drive, to take the load off the engine from the alternator charging it.

How do I know if if my car battery or alternator is dead?

Fully charge the battery Check with a voltmeter (should read approx. 12.8 volts without engine running) With engine running and good alternator reading should be 13.8-14.2 if the battery is dead the car wont start. replace the battery (preferably with a new one) run the car and if it dies or wont crank again its the alternator (or possibly the alternator belt is slipping)