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How do you wire up reverse lights on a 1973 Firebird with a turbo 400 trans?


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2009-12-10 02:03:46
2009-12-10 02:03:46

The back up lights are switched on the stering column. There is a two piece linkage that is attached to the shifter linkage on the transmission and then that goes up to the sterring column by the firewall in the engine compartment. It connects by the brake vacuum boost unit. Many times this linkage is removed by people when they install headers. To check and see if everything is eworking, start the car and slowly turn the part of the steering column by the dash by hand, it should be a piece about six inches in length. If the linkage is conneccted it will rotate as the shifter in the floor is turned. The backup lights are a part of the neutral safety switch on the sterring column under the dash.


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the only thing different would the internals of the trans the turbo trans is a heavy duty trans.

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That wire is for kick down gear or passing gear.

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Probably a turbo 350 trans. This is a three speed trans. The way for you to check is to look at the trans pan. look up a picture of a turbo 350 trans and compare it to your trans pan.

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