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How do you wrestle?

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2007-08-30 00:14:45

There are different types of wrestling, and different goals,

possible outcomes and scoring mechanisms.

Generally speaking, the objective is to physically restrain your

opponent through various forms of entanglement, moves and


The best advice I can give you is to study and practice the

moves that are permitted for your type of wrestling to the point

where the moves become second nature - you don't have to think

about doing them, you see the opportunity and you not only do it

without hesitation, you do it with maximum effort and speed.

What separates a good wrestling and a great one, is a

combination of practical knowledge - and the effort they put into

it. If you enter a wrestling match with the same effort you might

put into running the 50 yard dash, and you know what you're doing,

chances are good that the match will be over in a matter of

seconds... you being the winner.

Good Luck! :-)

(Former Wrestler)

PS - In some cases, you might find yourself in an altered state

of mind known as being in "the zone" - where things seem to pass in

slow motion and your movements are like fluid, and natural. You've

seen countless instances on TV and in the movies where this

happens, its results from adrenalin is being released. You mind and

body become one.

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