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49 over 100, in decimal form is 0.49; the rest of the question does not make sense.

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Why is money written in decimal form?

Money is written in decimal for easier computation. Imagine if money is in fraction form, it will be hard for us to compute.

Can it be more practical to write a number in a decimal form?

In many cases, yes, one of the best examples being money. In decimal, everyone sees easily how much money this is: $1.25 The same unit of money in fraction is $1 1/4, which is pretty clumsy.

How do you make money into a fraction?

You put the whole number of dollars to the left of the decimal and the cents to the tenths and hundredths. EXAMPLE: $15.83 = 15.83

What advantages does a decimal money system have?

What advantages does a decimal money system have/?

How do you find a decimal from a fraction?

You divide the numerator by the denominator (the top number by the bottom number). For example, 25 --- in money is twenty-five cents 100 Converting to decimal, 25 divided by 100 equals 0.25.

What does the decimal point mean in money?

the decimal point in money is to separate the dollars from the cents.

what is Natalie saved $45 to spend on a new outfit. She bought a sweater for $15 how you would make the amount she spent into a fraction, decimal, and percent.?

45 divided by 15 is 3. Three 15s make 45 so she spend 1/3 (fraction), 0.33 (decimal), 33% (percent), of her money

What is Bulgarian money called?

Its called Lev and its plural is Leva. The monetary system of Bulgaria is in decimal units.Its fraction is Stotinka. 100 stotinka equals to 1 Lev.

What year did britain go decimal?

1971 for decimal money here in England

Why are decimal points important when adding money?

decimal points are very important when it comes to money ... You want to know if you have to pay $ 89.95 or $899.50 ...

When do you use a decimal?

when there is money or many more

What was the money called in Jesus's time?

in Jesus time the money was called decimal

When dealing with percentages can a decimal be involved?

percentage is a fraction of 1 with a denominator of 100, eg 45 % is 45 / 100 or 0.45 in decimal you can interchange the values of percentages, decimals and fractions, each is just a more convinient way of saying the same thing, percentages tend to be in the money world, straight decimals are for arithmetic and generally fractions are pre decimal

How to change money into a decimal?

A decimal number is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right. A decimal number need not have anything whatsoever to do with money.

How are a decimal point and dollar sign alike?

They are alike because you can think as a decimal number as money so the decimal can be thought as that to.HOPE I HELPED!

What is the fraction of 50 cents?

There can be no answer. 50 cents can be expressed as a fraction only in the context of another quantity of money.

How do you work out an equivalent fraction?

An equivalent fraction is a fraction that represents a decimal quantity, which is the form of for example 1.25 The equivalent for 1.25 is 1¼. So like a dollar and 25 cents is 1.25, one and a quarter is 1.25 or 1¼. Other common equivalents are halves. A half is 0.5, or .5 or ½. Three quarters is 0.75, .75. or ¾. The way to convert a decimal to a fraction is a little involved. The easiest way is to get a calculator and divide the two numbers. The top or first number in the fraction is the numerator. It tells you how many of the other units you have. The other number is the denominator, which like money denominations, tell you how much each numerator is worth. Take 2⅝. Use a calculator to divide 5 by 8, the answer is .625. Add that to 2 to get the final answer, two and five eights, which is written out as 2.625 in decimal.

Can you make this amount of money

No. This number is an impossible decimal. Only one decimal can appear in a number at a time.

What is a non-unit fraction?

A non-unit fraction is a fraction that has something other than a 1 in the numerator.

When did decimal money start?

In the UK 15th February 1971.

Why is the decimal point an important symbol in writing amounts of money?

The decimal point is important, when dealing with money, because it differentiates $500 from $5.00. After the decimal point there will be two digits, these two digits are the number of cents (in America). The number in front of the decimal point is the number of dollars. It is very important that you put the decimal point in the right spot especially when writing checks.

What fraction of the money 17 cent represented by pennies?

The answer depends how much money the 17 cents are a part of.

How do you write money as a decimal in terms of dollar?

You write the dollars to the left of the decimal point; and the cents to the right, using two decimals.

How do you write a decimal for money?

You put a period between the dollars and cents.

How do you do long division with money?

same thing just add the money signs and decimal signs. hope that helps :)

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