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Volume is measured in cubic units.

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How many feet is 528 inches?

528 inches is 44 feet.

How do write 528 in spanish?

528 - quinientos veintiocho

What is the volume of a box that is 4x3x5 inches?

4inches*3inches*5inches = 60 cubic inches, which we can write as 60in3.

How many inches in one tenth of a mile?

528 feet which is 6336 inches

How many inches are in a tablespoon?

Inches are a measurement of length. Tablespoons are a measure of volume. You don't go from length to volume.

44 feet equals how many inches?

1 foot = 12 inches so 44 feet = 12*44 = 528 inches.

What is 44 feet equal to?

44 feet is 528 inches or 14.67 yards.

What volume is 27 inches x 27 inches x 27 inches?

Three measurements would indicate volume. In this case it is 19,683 cubic inches volume.

What is the surface area of this cylinder that has a radius of 6 inches and a height of 8 inches?

527.52 but if you have to round it to a whole number the answer will then be 528

How do you write 528 in word form?

Five hundred and twenty-eight.

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