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First you write a bit of the sentence then you write Pakistan and then you write the last bit of the sentence. simple

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Q: How do you write Pakistan in a sentence?
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write about some of the things in pakistan of which your are proud

How do you write Pakistan in french?

Pakistan it's same.

How many can read and write in Pakistan?

100 to 90 precent people know read and write in Pakistan

How can you use Pakistan in a sentence?

'I wanted to go to Pakistan on my holiday, but it was too expensive'.

How do you write an essay about bomb blast in Pakistan?

You can write an essay on the bomb blast in Pakistan by getting all the facts. In your essay, you will want to address the who, what, when, where, and why.

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Yes, you can write a sentence with the word right. For example: I like to write about super heroes.

How did you write like a sentence but not a sentence?

You can't write a sentence that is not a sentence, it is either a sentence or it is not. You can write a sentence that doesn't look like a sentence. For example, "Stop!"; although one word, it is a complete sentence. The subject 'you' is implied, the verb is 'stop', which makes it a complete sentence.

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i write the same sentence

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You can write the word sluice in a few different sentence. You can write the sentence "I put a sluice in the creek near the house".

Why Pakistan chowk in Karachi is called Pakistan chowk?

Near independence in 1947, there was a painter who used to write boards. When he got this news about Pakistan, he prepared a board with "Pakistan Chowk" engraved on it and fixed it at a roundabout which is still known as "Pakistan Chowk".

How do you write 'fear' in a sentence?

I fear your teacher will detect that you did not write this sentence yourself.

How do you write a sentence using the word ability?

I don't have the ability to write this sentence.

How do you write a sentence with the word site in it?

I am going to write a sentence with the word site in it.

Will you write a sentence for me using the word triplet?

what sentence would you write for triplet

Which city in Pakistan is also write with numbers?


What is the region in the plains?

write name of desert in pakistan

How do you write happy in Pakistan language?

It is pronounced "khoosh".

I need to write a question with disinterest and eventually in them what should i write?

I need to write a sentence with Disinterest and Eventually in it what should i write?I need to write a sentence with Disinterest and Eventually in it what should i write?

Is 'I write You' a correct sentence?

The "Y" in you should not be capitalized and while it takes only a noun and a verb to make a sentence - which "I write you" has - it isn't a correct sentence because the tense of the verb is incorrect. "I will write you" would be a correct sentence with the correct verb tense. You could begin a sentence, albeit it sounds a bit odd, with the words "I write you" as in "I write you this letter today in an attempt to appeal to your empathetic side", however "I write you" is not a correct sentence alone.

How do you write pakistan in arabic?

باكستان (It is worth noting that because Arabic has no "p", Pakistan becomes Bakistan.)

What is the Name of the city of Pakistan which consist of Fifteen dots when write in Urdu language?

city name of Pakistan which have 15 dots when it is written

Can you write a sentence using the word it is?

It is entirely possible to write a sentence using the term 'it is'.

What is the person who write the tarana of pakistan?

In 1948 Hafiz Jhalandri are write and Ahmed Chaghal g, sing it,

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