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How do you write Thoth in hieroglyphs?


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Thoth is not the Egyptian version of his name, but an approximation used by the Greeks who visited Egypt. In hieroglyphs he is called DHwty, the D being a sound like "dj". We can never know how this was pronounced by the ancient Egyptians, but modern Egyptologists say Djehuty.

There are many ways of writing this in hieroglyphs and scribes could choose to write the name in full or in abbreviated form, depending on the available space.

Often the name is written with Thoth's totem bird, the Egyptian ibis, mounted on a kind of stand; this is followed by the loaf-sign (t) and two short, sloping strokes (y). The determinative sign for "god" is usually written at the end.

When written out in full and using phonemes (sound-signs), it has the cobra (dj) + the twisted rope (h) + the chick (w) + the loaf (t) + the two sloping strokes (y) = DHwty. Again the "god" determinative would usually follow.

The link takes you to an image of Thoth as a scribe, with his name written in typical shortened form at the top of the right-hand column (the first column of text):


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Thoth was the ancient Egyptian god of knowledge, hieroglyphs, and wisdom.

Thoth was the ancient Egyptian god of knowledge, hieroglyphs and wisdom.

The God of Knowledge, Hieroglyphs and Wisdom in Egyptian mythology is Thoth. Thoth was depicted in art as a man with a baboon's head.

Thoth is the Egyptian god of knowledge, hieroglyphs and wisdom. He has the head of an ibis and the body of a man. He is also depicted as a baboon in some sculptures.

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Thoth became associated with the Moon, due to the Ancient Egyptians observation that Baboons (sacred to Thoth) 'sang' to the moon at night. - crystallinks.com/thoth

There are two books which exist with that name. Both of which you can still purchase freely.The Book of Thoth in Ancient Egyptian Legends by Margaret MurrayThe Book of Thoth (Crowley) by Aleister CrowleyIf on the other hand you mean the original "book" of Thoth, then no as this is not an actual book, but a mythical creation. Two of the most common tellings of the story are 1) the "book" is actually a series of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in a pyramid, said to have been placed there by Thoth himself2) The book was real, and contained powerful spells and knowledge. Legend has it that it was buried with Prince Neferkaptah in the City of the Dead.A book which you may find useful is "The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life", by Drunvalo Melchizedek. It goes into more depth regarding the books of Thoth.

Thoth was depicted in several different forms, but he is often seen in human form with the head of an ibis bird. Sometimes he is a baboon, or a complete ibis, or a human scribe sitting cross-legged and writing on papyrus across his lap.His Egyptian name was written djhwty in hieroglyphs, which means "he of the ibis".

No. Egyptians speak Arabic today, and they read and write in Arabic. The Ancient Egyptian language is extinct.

Thoth is the Egyptian God of Wisdom.

The head of Thoth is that of an Ibis.

Hieroglyphs is usually written on papyrus or slabs of rock. On papyrus, hieroglyphs is generally written using black ink or for more elaborate use, such as religious means the Egyptians use colored ink. Hieroglyphs on slabs of rock is generally found in tombs, so they use colored ink to write over the hieroglyphs which have been carved into the rock.

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