How do you write a circle poem?

A circle poem is usually a poem where each word triggers the next, almost like word association, but (hopefully) more thought-through than that. It can be written in an actual circle using word processing programs that allow that, but on the internet you see them mostly as lists of words. When written in a circle, the reader can start anywhere and read through, but when in a list, the first word is chosen by the author... but the last word still relates to the first. This site has some good explanations and examples of different poetic forms: And sometimes a circle poem is just a poem written in a circle. :) My personal favorite of this type is by Jack Prelutsky, and the poem is called "I was walking in a circle." My family read this poem one night and started chanting it... then I started singing it to a tune by Suzanne Vega, and now my friend who is a Choir teacher uses it for warm-up exercises with her students. :) It's definitely a catchy one. :) You can write that type using any words you want, but traditionally, the ending should lead back into the beginning, so you can keep reading at the end and it still makes sense. :)