How do you write a debt explanation letter?

Start -- To Whom it may concern --I am writing this letter to explain what has happened over the last few months or the last year. (whatever the time frame it may be). It started with a death in the family/layoff/disability/divorce. There were problems paying the bills because .. loss of income, hospital/dr. bills,or bills were to be pd by the x-spouse per divorce--( which by the way -- no matter what the judge or your divorce papers say, the signers on the contract are legally responsible for the debt). We got further behind, tried to catch up,or finally had to file for bankruptcy etc. End the letter, with something like- you have been very bothered by everything that has happened. You really want the house and you feel that the above problem won't be a problem any more. We have tried to/or made amends and you hope that this will be taken in consideration. Do not make this a long letter--typed, use the spell check, no more than a page, if hand written--print it so it can be read and no more than 2 pages. Any longer and the underwriter will not read all of it or care and you do want them to read it and care enough to try and make the loan happen.