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How do you write a fantasy story?

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First you come up with an idea. It doesnt have to be very elaborate yet, just an idea about what your writing. Next you come up with characthers and a plot. Finnaly you start writing, it really depends on if you can think of the ideas, not the grammar or anything else. Two great examples of my writing are Life as We Knew It and The Dead and the Gone. By me, Susan Beth Pfeffer

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Why doesn't JK Rowling write fantasy books?

She does: Harry Potter is a fantasy story.

How do you write fantasy as an adjective?

fanciful____It is a fantasy story.(It is a well known feature of English that one can often use a noun as an adjective, as in student unrest).

Does every fantasy book comes with a story?

Yes- to consider a book a fantasy book it must have a story that has fantasy elements in it.

Is jack and the beanstalk a fairy tale or fantasy story?

its a fairytale because the things that happen in the story ARE NOT TRUE !

Is Cinderella folklore or fantasy?

Cinderella is a fantasy. The story Cinderella was just an imagination of the writer of the story.

Is an adventure story the same as a fantasy story?

Well it depends on the book. If the adventure story could happen in real life and is not made up then it is not a fantasy, but if it the adventure book is made up and would never happen in real life then it is fantasy. (An adventure story is usually a story where the character(s) are taking a trip or a journey. A fantasy story is made up.)

What it fantasy art called?

The "art version" of a fantasy story is called?

Is the story The Hobbit considered a fantasy story?

Yes, it is a fantasy story. Anytime you have dragons and magic, you can pretty much peg it as fantasy. The wizard and invisibility ring, along with dwarves and elves really clinch the genre.

What was the Theme of The Neverending Story?

Fantasy, rediscovery, importance of fantasy and accepting on self

How do you write a fantasy novel?

You believe in the impossible and write it down. :)

How do you write a fantasy book?

Here is a link to the question "How do you write a book or novel?" - it will tell you all about writing a book. As to the fantasy part, you need to read enough fantasy to know what that would be.

How does the fantasy genre get its name?

For a story to be classed as a fantasy, you need one element to be fantastic __ which is where the fantasy genre gets its name.

What is a story about a mythical figure called?

Mythology or fantasy, depending on the story.

What is the motto of Story Land?

Story Land's motto is 'Where Fantasy Lives'.

Does Enid Blyton write fantasy stories?

Yes, her books are classed as fantasy - adventure

How do you write a realistic fiction story?

Here are some good links to help you become a writer. Realistic fiction is just a fiction story that could actually happen, as opposed to science fiction or fantasy.

Why did C.S. Lewis write the Book of Narnia?

C.S. Lewis was a consumate writer and, like many writers, once he gets a story in his head, he (almost literally) can't stop until the story is down on paper. According to his recollection, he first got the idea for a fantasy story when he was sixteen, and began to write it when he was about forty. The story changed over the ten years it took to write, and it was published in 1949.

Where did the word fairy tale come from?

A tale is a story. A fairy is a person in a fantasy story. So when you had a story about fairy's, you had a tale about fairy's or a fairytale. Now the word is used for stories or tales that are fantasy.

What is the earliest written fantasy story beside the obvious mythology?

Beowolf is the oldest fantasy story I'm aware of that isn't necessarily part of a countries mythology.

What actors and actresses appeared in Fantasy Story - 2007?

The cast of Fantasy Story - 2007 includes: Laurent Buson Fabien Garcia Amandine Gorchon

How do you write fantasy with a little romance?

First, you need to read a lot of fantasy and romance -- then, you won't even need to ask us, you'll just do it! Fantasy stories have elements that can't occur in the real world, like magic or the paranormal. You just need to come up with a little bit of romance to add to your mix. Here are some related questions to help you learn how to write that story!

Is the story A Wrinkle in Time an informative story?

NO! It is a sci-fi/fantasy story. It's worth reading!

Where can you get a free download of any Final Fantasy story?

You can find all the plots on the final fantasy wiki.

How many endings does Final Fantasy X have?

Final Fantasy X has a linear story with a single ending.

How can you tell if a story is fantasy or not?

It is a fantasy if there's a happy ending, if there's magic in it and if it's in a imaginary world.

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