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When i write poems i just let it flow dont think about what your going to write because this takes alot of time just write and then edit it later there is no technique on how to write a poem you just write

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Q: How do you write a great poem?
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How do you write your boyfriend a poem?

well in order to write a great romantic poem for ur boyfriend talk about how great he is and how u to are great for each other and how u to are happy together .

What can you write in a poem for your daddy?

Anything you want to! Write about your feelings, write about something fun you did together, write about how you admire him, write about what you hope to be in the future -- anything emotional will be a great poem for you daddy.

How do i write a really great poem?

Be a Good Poet

Can someone write you a poem?

Some one can certainly write to you a poem, write for you a poem or write on you in a poem or even write on you a poem, which ?

Can you help write an acrostic poem for the great fire of London?


Did john hewitt write a poem named the day of the corncrake?

He wrote a great poem called The First Corncrake.

What is a you can't write a poem poem?

It is a poem which tells you that you can't write a poem. :)

When did Ogden Nash write the poem more about people?

He wrote it during the Great Depression.

How do you write a mood poem?

write how you feel in a poem

How do you write a Easter poem?

how to write a easter poem

How do you write a poem about spring?

First learn how to jump. Then write a poem about your spring.

Write curley wife as a poem?

how do i write curley wife as poem

How do you write a quadruplet poem?

you have to write a poem that has 4 lines that ryime

What is the easiest poem a child can write?

they can write a haiku or a shape poem

What is an ascrotic poem?

who write the poem.

How do you write a poem summary?

If this is for a school assignment, first write the name of the poem and the poet. Then write about what is written in the poem eg: the person or place described in the poem. You may include anything you think is significant or write your own opinions.

The poem tonight i can write what is the mood of this poem?

You should write a poem based on how you are feeling. You can look for inspiration from your love life.

How do you write a great poem for Mother's Day?

You just put your favorite characteristics of your mom on paper in a rhyming fashion

When did Lewis Carroll write his first poem?

when did lewis carroll write his first poem

What is true poetry?

True poetry is not just words. It is the meaning disguised in the words. True poetry has feelings put into it. Meaning when you write a poem no matter what kind of form it is it has to come from within. When you write a poem or say on you have to make it in the way you are feeling. No matter if your happy, angry, sad, or excited, as long as you write a poem from within your soul it will be great.

What poem can you write for a toaster?

a concrete poem

How do you write an occasional poem?

An occasional poem is a poem written specifically for a special occasion. You can write an occasional poem for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, or any holiday or special event.

How do you write a poem for Bridge to Terabithia?

To answer the question how to write a poem on bridge to terabithia is 1. you make a summary and turn it into a poem

How do you write a poem about the book The Westing Game?

it is easy rrad the chapter and than write the poem

How is rhyme useful?

it is useful when you write a poem and it gives you more marks when you write a poem in a exam