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You use 5-7-5 syllables. here is a 5 syllable (get-ting bet-er dave?) that's an example of a five syllable sentence, but don't do sentences on it do it like these examples that I made for you guys.

eg. Haiku Seasons

In Summer Breezes

Be There Youthful Memories

Now Growing Older.


In Autumn Leavings

Be There Faithful Colourings

Now Growing Fewer


In Winter Freezes

Be There Painful Legacies

Now Growing Colder


In Springtime Glories

Be There Joyful Romances

Now Growing Sweeter


Through Haiku Seasons

Be There Fruitful Evergreens

Now Growing Wiser


[Author:Michael Coldham-Fussell]

eg. By: Ravonseed

Or a tor i cal

Per en ni al di lem ma

To com pose hai ku


By a gol den hedge

A cat breaks cov er leaps high

Clap ping pige ons fly

Historically, a haiku is any stanza of a haikai-no-renga (often called renga - a linked poem with alternating stanzas usually played as a game and therefore composed by several writers). It has since evolved into it's own genre/style.

Typically, a haiku contains less than 17 syllables (according to Wikipedia, most modern English haiku contains between 10 and 14 syllables; according to Higginson, most haiku average 12 syllables).

A haiku can actually be between 1 and 5 lines, with no line or syllable pattern other than what the writer prefers to use (a haiku does utilize rhythmic units but this isn't always based on syllable count).

Traditional haiku is usually written as 1 line with several spaces between certain parts of the poems - those spaces are often translated into English as lines (especially in earlier poems; some modern haiku utilizes the 1-line scheme). For examples, refer to works by Ozaki Hosai, Yosa Buson, Matsuo Basho, and Nakatsuka Ippekiro.

There's not a huge focus on grammar in haiku - don't try to use complete sentences. The haiku may or may not be titled. It may or may not contain punctuation and capitalization.

A haiku doesn't use metaphor or simile. Many writers utilize comparison and contrast between two images that (often) seem to be unrelated at first glance.

There is no rhyming pattern to haiku; rhyme disrupts the imagery. And imagery is what haiku is all about.

Haiku relates an experience and/or describes an object/event - by describe, I mean that a haiku utilizes one (or more) of the five senses in relation to the object or event. It paints an image.

A haiku also doesn't reference emotions - emotion is what each individual reader brings to the haiku. This allows one haiku to have multiple meanings among a wide variety of readers.

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Q: How do you write a haiku poem?
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What is the easiest poem a child can write?

they can write a haiku or a shape poem

Can you write a haiku poem on aparthied?

If you like, certainly.

Can a haiku poem rhyme?

Haiku poems traditionally do not rhyme, and a Haiku would not be considered a Haiku poem if it did rhyme.

Steps on writing a haiku poem on nature?

to write a Haiku poem you have to have three lines and the first line has five syllables the second line has seven syllables and the third has five syllables

Where did the haiku poem originate from?

Haiku came from Japan.

Does a haiku have periods?

Yes, a haiku poem can have periods.

What is haiku play?

a haiku is a 17-word poem

17 s in a hp?

"Seventeen Syllables in a Haiku Poem". 17 = Syllables in a Haiku Poem

Does it need to rhyme when you write a haiku poem?

No, a haiku poem does not have to rhyme,it just has to have 5 syllables in the frst and last lines and 7 syllables in the middle line and has to be about nature. You can make it rhyme if you would like to though

How do you write a haiku poem about saving waters?

sounds like homework someone dosen't know how to do

A haiku is a type of Japanese poem true or false?

It is a true statement that a Haiku is a type of Japanese poem. The Haiku originated in Japan in the 9th century.

What is a haiku peom?

there is no such thing as a haiku PEOM, but a haiku POEM is a Japanese poem with the first verse with 5 syllables and the second with 7 syllablles and the 3rd with 5 syllablles.

Is haiku a type of Japanese poem?

Yes. The Haiku was developed and refined in Japan. Arguably the most famous haiku poet, who really perfected the form, was Basho, who was born in 1644, and first began to write poetry in 1676.

Where did haiku poems originate?

The haiku form of poem was developed in Japan.

What is a haiku poem about the medieval times?

A haiku is a three-line poem that consists of 17 syllables that describes nature scenes.

is this how you spell haiku or is this how you spell haicku?

Haiku is the correct spelling. A haiku is a type of Japanese poem.

What is the style of the poem when you write 5 syllables on the first line then 7 on the next then 5 again?

It's a Haiku.

Can you write me a haiku poem?

April is springtime it is windy and rainy animals are born

Describe the pattern for a traditional haiku poem?

Haiku is a 7-5-7.

How many syllables is in the fourth line of haiku poem?

There is no 4th line in a haiku.

Describe a haiku poem?

Is a type of poem that is from the Japanese culture...

What is the pattern of a haiku?

The pattern of a haiku poem is 1,2,and 5 rhyme 3 and 4 rhyme also the poem has 5 lines

Did Edgar Allan Poe write haiku poetry?

No, he did not write haiku poetry.

What is a shorter poem a sonnet or a haiku?

A Haiku is shorter the sonnet is a story that can be made in a short version but not shorter than the haiku.

Can there be repetition in a haiku poem?