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Start -- To Whom it may concern --I am writing this letter to explain what has happened over the last few months or the last year. (whatever the time frame it may be). It started with a death in the family/layoff/disability/divorce. There were problems paying the bills because .. loss of income, hospital/dr. bills,or bills were to be pd by the x-spouse per divorce--( which by the way -- no matter what the judge or your divorce papers say, the signers on the contract are legally responsible for the debt). We got further behind, tried to catch up,or finally had to file for bankruptcy etc because the "problem" took so long to resolve. You have now paid the bills, caught up and have been paying as agreed for some time or been out of bankruptcy with some open credit for two yrs now. End the letter, with something like- you have been very bothered by everything that has happened. You can tell by the credit report that I/we were always current before the incident. You really want the house and you feel that the "above problem" won't be a problem any more. We have tried to/or made amends and you hope that this will be taken in consideration. Do not make this a long letter--typed, use the spell check, no more than a page, if hand written--print it so it can be read and no more than 2 pages. Any longer and the underwriter will not read all of it or care and you do want them to read it and care enough to try and make the loan happen. Put together your thoughts 1st.-- write in 1. 2. 3. some you get in all in order and not forgetting something that you do remember and are adding to the end of the letter. quick example-- 1. went on disability 2. lost job 3. had to wait for disability to start-- 4. took longer than we thought-paperwork problems 5. Medical bills started coming 6. bills started piling up--hard to pay the bills with utilities twice what we were use to paying. a. (never say mortgage or rent unless they weren't paid and are showing up on credit) Then throughly explain why. 3. We separated and then got divorce--eveything got nasty. Other spouse was to pay part of the bills and didn't-- 4. Income never the same -- alot lower than what I was making 5. income is now better. 6. I finally got disability--or finally able to go back to work. 7. better paying job-- 8. We slowly got everything paid or up to date. 9. Took a while but we did it. 6. end letter with you hope to get loan (as I stated above) Can call me if you have any questions. Look in the bio for inf.


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A letter of hardship for loan modification is essentially your best prospect to give explanation to the lender, the conditions that led you to be in arrears on your mortgage. It is crucial to be precise, clear-cut, and truthful while writing the hardship letter. Sugar-coating your situation is not recommendable.

I will forward you copies of hardship letter samples. I do this for a living and I have helped clients put their hardship into a letter format as long as they know and can tell me what their harship is. Glena

You should write in the letter why you are having a hardship. You should also include why type of student you are and any contact information.

You can write a military hardship letter by explaining your circumstances. It can not be due to a temporary situation but has to be something that developed after you joined the military.

Sample of a harship letter to the IRS for debt

While there are templates and forms that can be found online and in various software programs to help homeowners write a hardship letter, the best idea may be to discard these aids and write the letter themselves. The hardship letter is the borrowers' opportunity to explain what happened to cause them to fall behind, what they did to fix the situation, and why they are not expected to miss any payments in the future. This could be done more effectively with hard work and reflection, rather than plugging a few details into a template.

A hardship letter will do nothing to "clear up" debt you may have. All it will do is explain your inability to pay. If you must write a hardship letter, state the situation as simply as possible. Keep in mind that details as to why you cannot pay will be important.

When writing a hardship letter for a work transfer, be as direct and to the point as possible. The person reading the letter will likely not have time to read several pages, be precise and state your hardship and reason for the transfer.

You can write a hardship letter outlining your reasons why you shouldn't or can't be garnished. Maybe you have a lot of children and can't afford to feed or clothe them if your wages are garnished.

how do you write an acceptance letter for a home mortgage loan

If you need to write an extreme hardship letter you should include major health problems, unexpected deaths, or bills. Loss of employment can also be an extreme hardship.

One writes a college drop-out hardship letter by outlining the reasons or explanations one has for wanting to drop out of college in the first place .

about medical, financiallly and educational. go to

A lot of people ask for examples of hardship letters or "samples" of hardship letters. The problem with using examples is that most of them are terrible, and if you don't understand the psychology of writing the letter in the first place, following a sample will not help you write a good letter.

A lot of people ask for examples of hardship letters or "samples" of hardship letters. The problem with using examples is that most of them are terrible, and if you don't understand the psychology of writing the letter in the first place, following a sample will not help you write a good letter.In any case, there are several posts out here about "how" to write the letter rather than relying on a sample.AnswerIt depends on the type of hardship letter. If you require a letter to credit card companies, etc... they usually don't require one. However, if you are looking for a hardship letter to address a potential Real Estate Short Sale there are several sites that have examples.

A 'cry' letter is just basically a letter from you to your lender explaining in full detail what happened that caused you to have late payments.It's called a 'cry' letter informally, because you pretty much want to tell your sad story. You are looking for sympathy from the bank so that they will help you modify or refinance, so make sure the letter leaves nothing out about your sad situation. However, it is more properly referred to as a hardship letter.

To write a budget letter explaining how you will pay your mortgage, you should be thorough. Include information on all of your income. Next include all of your expenses. Show that you have enough money to pay the mortgage plus your expenses.

I want to write a letter to Michael Carpenter CEO of GMAC what is the address to write the letter? thank You

It is normal for people who are about to be deported to write hardship letters. However, these do not change the standpoint of the lawmakers and the people applying the laws. They do not work.

Hardship letter for medical - to get a reduced rate for medical visitsIf a person is struggling financially writing a hardship letter for medical expenses might be a viable solution. First gather up all important details such as account numbers, contact information, date of your procedure, specific details on your hardship. Next write down the date, address and number, double space than insert your name and address. Begin by stating the reason for the letter and enclose any supporting documentation.

Depending on the situation you need to write out your reasoning and issues you are having without giving out too much personal information. Ensure to acknowledge the business and their needs. At the end of the letter give an example of what would help you or what needs to happen due to the hardship.

You can write a letter to the company explaining why it would be difficult for you to pay the ambulance costs. The company does not have to cut you a break, but may choose to do so.

A letter of approval can vary depending on the individual circumstances. Be sure to be very specific and detailed within the letter.

To write a letter asking for a reduction of your mortgage interest rate, you should include information that will explain why you feel your rate should be reduced, such as national average rates.

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