How do you write a list of questions in a sentence?

A list of questions in a sentence can be described as follows: 1) What is the first question? 2) What is the second question? and 3) What is the third question?


It can really depend on what you are trying to ask and how. There are different ways to do it as well, like you could say:

"Where do you live and what is your name?"

But if it were a "list" you could say something like:

"Where do you live, eat, and sleep?"

Separate the different parts with commas and you don't have to completely write it out as follows (but you could):

"Where do you live, where do you eat, where do you sleep?"

This isn't really proper English and you would be more inclined to say it in different sentences, like:

"Where do you live? Where do you eat? Where do you sleep?"