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How do you write a percent in to a fraction?


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a percent is always out of 100. therefore, if you have 50% in a fraction it will be made as 50/100 (50 over 100)

but.. 50/100 may also be simplified by dividing both the numerator ( the top number- 50) and the denominator (the bottom number - 100) by 50. this will give you 1/2 (one over 2 in other words, one half.

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Write 5 percent as a fraction is 5/100.

No you write it as a fraction as a fraction =1/2 as a decimal =0.5 as a percentage = 50%

50 percent can be written as the following fraction: 1/2

0.036 percent as a reduced fraction = 9/25000

101 percent in fraction form = 101/100

As a fraction, you can write it as 8/10. As a decimal, you can write it as 0.8.

what i would really like to know is why when i write how do write a PERCENT as a MIXED FRACTION this stupid site decides i want to know how you convert a MIXED FRACTION into a PERCENTAGE! :P

To write a fraction as a decimal, do the indicated division. 3/4 = 3 divided by 4 = 0.75 To write a decimal as a percent, multiply by 100. 0.75 = 75 percent

129% = 129/100 in fraction

247% as a fraction is 247/100

18 percent percent written as a decimal fraction is 0.0018

185 percent as a fraction is 185/1000 or simplified it would be 37/200.

64 percent as a fraction =64%/100% =64/100 or16/25

43 percent as fraction in simplest form = 43/100.

236 percent as a fraction in simplest form is 59/25

It is 46/100 as a fraction and 46% as a percentage.

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