How do you write a proposal for a business to sponsor a beauty contest?

To write a proposal for a beauty pageant, because first impressions mean everything, it must be professionally written (no grammatical or spelling errors), be neatly formatted, and reveal the answers potential sponsors would want to know, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Who the pageant will serve (ages, sex, other conditions for being contestants)
  • Names of celebrities/organizations that are associated with the pageant
  • When and where the pageant will be held
  • What will your contestants gain from participating in the pageant (scholarship, self esteem, appearances, etc.)
  • What will sponsors gain from sponsoring the pageant (name recognition as a supporter, logos on website and promotional materials, Program Book advertisement, etc.)
  • Past achievements/experience related to pageantry
  • The number of attendees/contestants expected
  • Other sponsors (past or present)
  • How many hits the pageant gets per month on its website
  • Etc.