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How do you write a simile sentence using the word rain?


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"Her tears were like rain pouring down her face."


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The game was canceled on account of rain.

Yes, anything using like or as that compares things, such as spry and rain, is a simile. Hope that helps!

the rain trickles slowly down the windows like a child's tears

A simile is a phrase comparing two things using like or as. EX: As pretty as a celebrity. As wet as rain.

It would be a simile since Selena sings:A day without you is like a year without rain.The like there makes is a simile, if it was a metaphor it would be:A day without you is a year without rain.Hope that helped! (:

A sentence using the word precipitation would be: Rain is a form of precipitation.

Write a proper sentence so we can understand.

"I saw a rain shadow for the first time!", said the boy.

I was confused by the occurrence of rain every afternoon this week.

I Am So Much Happier Now That The Rain Is Gone!

I wish it would rain this evening.

The student hit the fire alarm to make them rain upon the school.

Yes: What does spoor mean? There's your sentence. a track or trail, esp. that of a wild animal pursued as game. The rain washed away the spoor and the animals ended up getting away.

i cant think i cant think

I got wet in da rain , dendroid myself out.

I knew it is going to rain today.

The weather report said it was going to rain today.

a simile is seen in paragraph 8 of the story. The peoplenof the city are described as hunted animals

Forest rain is the most important for plants and animals.

Maybe you will win the prize but then maybe you won't. They say it will rain but maybe it won't as there are no clouds in the sky You may be able to jump that fence but I think it is too high

The freezing rain was a foretaste of winter. It means a sign of something to come.

Rain being used in a metaphor is common and an easy metaphor. Here is one of the more popular or common metaphors used relating to 'rain'. If you were describing a sad person you could take the sentence, "She cried," and switch it around. You first should start small with a simile; "When she cried it was like rain." Then make it a metaphor and as you know a metaphor does not use 'like' or 'as'. "Her crying was rain," or something similar pertaining to rain or perhaps other weather conditions. Using 'rain' as a metaphor is quite easy plus you can explore the other weather metaphors!

The river's current is always stronger after a good rain in the mountains.

I am taking my umbrella today because it might rain

I think I will go to the park today, unless it starts to rain.

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