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Q: How do you write formula for a covalent compound and give and example of a covalent compound?
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How do you write a formula for a covalent compound example?

An example is the carbon monosulfide, CS.

Using silicon dioxide as an example and the periodic table as a reference.describe how to to write the formula of a covalent compound.?

You use the prefix of the words to write the formula for a covalent compound, example "di-" is the prefix and it is 2.

How to write the formula of a covalent compound?

See link below

How do you write the chemical formula for a covalent compound?

By listing the nonmetals in order, generally from left to right on the periodic table, and indicating subscripts as appropriate. For instance, a classic example of a covalently bonded chemical is carbon dioxide, which is written CO2.

Would ionic or covalent molecules use the molecular formula or empirical formula?

What you write for an ionic compound is called the formula unit, but the formula unit is almost always the same as the empirical formula. The answer to your question could not be the molecular formula because an ionic compound is not a molecule.

What is the covalent compound formula for iodine Pentagon fluoride?

The molecular formula for iodine pentafluoride is IF5. No prefix in front of iodine is understood to be one, but mono- is not used for the first element in a binary covalent compount. The prefix penta- means five, so the subscript for fluoride is 5. Unfortunately, there is no way to write the 5 as a subscript.

How do you write silver iodide as a compound?

Formula: AgI

How do you write the compound lithium oxide?

Formula: Li2O

Write the formula for the binary compound of calcium and oxygen?


How do you write a formula for the compound of boron chloride?

Formula: BCl3

Write the formula for the compound leadII phosphate?


How do you write the formula of sodium carbonate?

It is written as Na2CO3. It is a base compound.