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How do you write half of one percent as a percent?


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No you write it as a fraction

as a fraction =1/2

as a decimal =0.5

as a percentage = 50%


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1.5%one and a half percent = 11/2% or 1.5%

one and one half percent

Six and One Half Percent is written as 61/2%

"half"You can also write fifty percent.

Thirty seven point five percent Thirty seven and one half percent

no one half is 0.5 one half percent =.005

One half is 50 out of 100 so it is 50 percent.

The answer to two and a half percent is easy. Simply find one percent,double it to get two percent and then half one percent to find the half. Put them together and you have two and a half percent.

It is a quarter of a percent

6.50% or 6.5% [six and a half percent]

1/2 = 0.5To convert 0.5 to percent multiply by 100: 0.5 × 100 = 50 %

0.05% = half of one percent 0.50% = half of the whole

Five tenths or one half or 50 percent.

To express one eighth as a percent you can write: 0.125 or twelve and a half percent. It is simple division if you divide 8 into 1, you will get this answer. The same way you divide 2 into 1 to get 0.50 or fifty percent (one half); 4 into 3 to get 0.75 or 75 percent (3/4ths).

You would write one percent of a dollar as $0.01

7 and one half percent of 119183 = 8938.725

1/2 is a fraction. You can represent fractions by decimals, percentages, verbal, and pictures. So you would write 1/2 as .5 because .5 is half of one. You would write it as a percent as 50% because 50 is half of a hundred. You would write it verbally as one-half. And you would draw a picture of half a pie.

Fifty percent is one half. In the case of 25, 12.5 would be one half, or fifty percent.

If you multiply one half of a percent (0.05) x 36,000 you will get 18,000.

One half percent as a fraction is 1/200

You could say fifty percent or one-half Another answer: " Zero Point Five "

One and a half percent

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