How do you write in Russian?

Russian is written in the Cyrillic alphabet and can be written in cursive or print. The print looks like this: (Phonetic sounds/letters are in brackets [Added by Oink48])
Аа (A)
Бб (B)
Вв (V)
Гг (G)
Дд (D)
Ее (Ye)
Ёё (Yo)
Жж (Zh)
Зз (Z)
Ии (Ee)
Йй (-y (adds the effect of putting a y after a word - e.g. bo - boy))
Кк (K)
Лл (L)
Мм (M)
Нн (N)
Оо (O)
Пп (P)
Рр (R)
Сс (S)
Тт (T)
Уу (Oo)
Фф (F)
Хх (Kh)
Цц (Ts)
Чч (Ch)
Шш (Sh)
Щщ (Shch)
Ъъ (Hard sign - used after a word to Sharpen the sound slightly)
Ыы (Oieu (e.g. oy from Boy))
Ьь (Soft sign - used after a word to soften the sound slightly)
Ээ (Aer)
Юю (Yu)
Яя (Ya)