How do you write je peux faire les courses in plural form?

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nous pouvons faire les courses
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What does 'Je vous aime le bebe tres beaucoup Je ne peux pas attendre de vous voir demain' mean?

The statement 'Je vous aime [et] le bebe tres beaucoup' means I love you [and] the baby a very great deal . In the word-by-word translation, the personal pronoun 'je' means 'I'. The personal pronoun 'vous' means 'you'. The verb 'aime' means '[I] love'. The conjunction 'et' means 'and'. The defini ( Full Answer )

What does 'Je ne peux pas' mean?

'Je ne peux pas' literally means 'I am not able to' but also translates to 'I can't' or 'I cannot'

What does Je Le Manque and Je Le Aime mean?

Je le manque : I miss him Je Le Aime .. is actually Je L'aime and Je L'aime means that your telling someone you like someone else like , not a breakup but if your talking about your girlfriend or boyfriend is you said :Je L'aime it would be saying you like th

Je peux emprunter tes crayons?

'[est-ce que] je peux emprunter [tes] crayons' is '[may] I borrow [your] pens' in French.

Comment je peux formater Mon PC?

Sorry if you don't understand this but my french certainly isn't good enough to translate. If you're using Windows and you've got the Windows CD, the simplest thing to do is to boot your PC from the CD. This will start the Windows installer and you'll be given the option to format your HDD -- Ha ( Full Answer )

Je ne peux pas bavarde avec vous?

je ne peux pas *bavarder* (Use infinitive as you've already conjugated :) ) avec toi* - I cannot joke/trifle with you

What does Je faire les course avec mes soeurs mean?

well it doesn't actually mean anything...'je fais les courses avec mes soeurs' means 'I do the shopping with my sisters'... possibly not exactly, but that's the rough meaning...

How do you write a sentence with the word you in plural form?

"You" is the plural form. The second person singular thou is archaic and virtually extinct in speech. . I'm talking to all of you when I say this, and I am very serious about these changes in policy. . I love each and every one of you. . You guys are hilarious, but seriously, where's my car ke ( Full Answer )

Beau Que plus peux je dire?

plus beau que je ne peux dire (this is the correct word order in the phrase) means 'more beautiful than I could tell in French.

How do you write many in plural possessive form?

The noun 'many' is an uncountable noun, it has no plural form. The noun 'many' is a word the majority of people, usually precededby the article 'the' (the many). The possessive form of the singular, uncountable noun is: the many's The word 'many' is also an adjective (many, more, most) and anindef ( Full Answer )

When do you use je peux and when do you use je puis?

'Je peux' is the present form for I can, I am able to, I may. This is the simplest and most useful form. 'Je puis' isn't used any more; it is an outdated writing of Je peux. Nowadays you should use 'je peux' and avoid 'je puis'.

What does je peux voir votre occupé à travailler mean?

This doesn't mean anything, it isn't correct French (most probably machine translated, grr grr...). I guess the (probably English) original was 'I can see you're busy working', and probably 'you're' was spelt 'your' :-( The sentence should then be, in PROPER French: 'Je vois que vous êtes occupà ( Full Answer )

How do you write the plural form of No?

no No in the plural is spelled noes. Example is, The "noes" have it! Where a noun ends in a vowel, "o", the standard rule to make it plural is to add "es". This has been true since the 1600's. For example, You would spell "potatoes" not potato's to show the plural usage. (Please leave room to forgiv ( Full Answer )

Are je and les the same?

Je is the subject pronoun I , as in Je suis ( I am ) or Je mange ( I eat ). Les is the plural definite article the , as in les hommes ( the men ) or les chats ( the cats ).

How do you write radar in plural form?

The noun radar does not have a plural form. Radar is an uncountable noun, a word for a system of detecting distant objects to determine their position, velocity, or other characteristics by analysis of very high frequency radio waves. Radar is an uncountable aggregate noun, a word representing an in ( Full Answer )

How do you write antenna in plural form?

The plural of antenna is: . antenna e , if you're referring to the appendages of an insect; . antenna s , if you're referring to aerials for picking up radio/tv signals.

What does je peux lecher la chatte mean?

It's poor grammar, Dumb traduction would be : "Can I lick the pussy" ?. "Chatte" is the female of cat. It also refer to women's genitals..

What are the rules in writing the plural form of nouns?

A plural noun is a word for two or more people, places, or things.Here are some rules to make singular nouns into plural nouns: . To make most nouns plural, add an s or es to the end of theword. These are called regular plurals (or regular nouns). Example:the plural of neighbor is neighbors, the p ( Full Answer )