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Please take my advice on this. Two words. -Don't waite.- If you waite to tell someone how you feel you will regret it, or worse, end up with someone you are not in love with. It is better to express your feelings and be rejected or accepted than sit and wonder what would have happened. Please trust me on this. From personal experience it is worth it. So.. how do you write them an e-mail. If you don't know it that does make it quite difficult but not impossible. If you have a hint on what e-mail service they are on such as Yahoo or something else I recomend doing a people search on their name. It will normally have some resemblence of their name or something to give a clue if it is their e-mail or not. There are also some services like that you can pay some money go find. Believe me it is worth it. Find this person however you can and no matter how long it takes, and tell them how you feel. Don't wait.

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What is your email id?

Say your email is 'someone@somewhere' well, the "someone" part is your email ID.

What is avrils Email?

I read somewhere it's, but I'm not sure it's really her.

How can you tell someone is interested from an email?

you cant really unless they give you hints

How can you really reach Oprah Winfrey about someone with cancer?

go to her website and send her an email.

Is this a good way to ask someone to prom?

not really you should do it face to face or by email

How do I determine the creation date of an email?

If you have the email, check for some form of a timestamp on the email in the header or somewhere on the email.

What is the Email id?

Your email address is 'someone@somwhere.something'. The "someone" part is your email ID.

How do you change your email for your VMK account?

It is somewhere on the homepage.

How do i contact someone with an email address?


Does an Email tell you if someone has closed there Email?


Is there anyway somebody can send me a song I really want?

Yes - if you can find someone with the song they can attach it as an mp3 in an email to you

Is it possible for someone to get your address through your email?

If you have your address on your email profile, it would be possibe for someone to get it if they were to hack onto your email.

Is it illegal for someone to obtain an email not addressed to them?

is it illegal for someone to obtain an email that was not addresses to them?

Can you email Google?

You have to go somewhere on the pate probobly settings

Is it better to email or phone someone abroad?


What is an Email contact?

Someone's email addressorsomeone communicating w/email

Why is the header section of an email important?

The header of an email is the first thing someone looks at it should be just a few words long and really grab your attention its almost like the first paragraph of a book really should grab your attention

Why does cyber bullying happen?

tell someone dont make them angry if they are really hurting you mentally change email addreses

When is cog nation going to be in toontown' did they really mean it is going to be there?

According to an email someone got, sometime in 2011

Can you email someone on Twitter?

No, you can't email someone on Twitter. You can direct message them (if they follow you), however, which is kind of like emailing someone.

How do you prosecute someone who hacked email?

Sick the cops on him, it is a federal offense to hack someone else's email.

How do you know if someone knows your email address?

If you receive an email from them.

What is Difference between free Email and pop3 Email?

A free email is where a service provides you with a email address for free. POP3 is a method of downloading your email off of the mail server and onto your computer, or somewhere else.

What does the letters Cc stand for on the top of a email?

If you receive an email with Cc listed at the top of an email followed by your email address that means you have been sent a copy of an email which was originally sent to someone else. If you receive an email with Cc listed at the top of an email follwed by someone elses email address that means a copy of the email which was sent to you was also sent to someone else, being the address beside Cc.

How do you shout or yell at someone in an email message?

To SHOUT AT SOMEONE IN AN EMAIL MESSAGE, you type your letter in CAPITALS, yes, in CAPITAL LETTERS. That really EMPHASISES THE WORDS, because they ARE BIGGER. You can also use exclamation marks! You can even use lots of exclamation marks!!