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How do you write someone an email who you sort of like after they've moved somewhere really far away but you still want them to know how you feel or is it even worth it?


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September 24, 2005 1:58AM

Please take my advice on this. Two words. -Don't waite.- If you waite to tell someone how you feel you will regret it, or worse, end up with someone you are not in love with. It is better to express your feelings and be rejected or accepted than sit and wonder what would have happened. Please trust me on this. From personal experience it is worth it. So.. how do you write them an e-mail. If you don't know it that does make it quite difficult but not impossible. If you have a hint on what e-mail service they are on such as yahoo or something else I recomend doing a people search on their name. It will normally have some resemblence of their name or something to give a clue if it is their e-mail or not. There are also some services like that you can pay some money go find. Believe me it is worth it. Find this person however you can and no matter how long it takes, and tell them how you feel. Don't wait.